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I am Zhou Jie, Dao Child of the Black Sieve Sect!
Challenging Meng Hao

Dao Child of the Black Sieve Sect. Sent by the Black Sieve Sect to delay Meng Hao for enough time for the Black Sieve Sect Patriarchs to come apprehend him. He and Meng Hao engaged in a fierce battle wherein Meng Hao thoroughly defeated him.


In the end, Meng Hao freed him from being possessed by some mysterious spirits that seemed to have a connection to the Black Sieve Sect. By the end of the fight, Zhou Jie respects Meng Hao and thanks him for sparing his life.

During the time Fang Mu went to give lecture about Pill Dao to Black Sieve Sect , Zhou Jie was possessed by a discarnate soul who seem to related to Black Sieve Sect.


  • Only 10 people have earned Zhou Jie's respect Meng Hao is one of the lucky few.

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