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Zhou Dekun is a Furnace Lord of the Violet Fate Sect's East Pill Division. He is a recurring figure in the story.


He was once humiliated by Meng Hao during a lecture in the East Pill Division, but eventually reconciled with him and later on became friends.

On their way back to the Violet Fate Sect from a trip to the Black Sieve Sect, they were ambushed by cultivators from the Black Lands Palace. Zhou Dekun was then taken to the Black Lands. He later appeared in the Frigid Snow Clan in the Black Lands, where he used his skill in alchemy to earn a position of respect. He was subsequently taken by cultivators to the Western Desert under the misunderstanding that he had reached an incredibly high understanding in the Dao of Alchemy. It was later revealed that he joined the Cloud Sky Tribe as an alchemist.

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