You call yourself a scholar? Don’t tell me you were a scholar before you came here? Come, come, recite some poetry for your Elder Brother. Maybe you’ll lighten my mood and I won’t beat you and break your legs.
Zhao Wugang
on Chapter 8: Zhao Wugang (Chapter)

Zhao Wugang is a minor character in I Shall Seal the Heavens. He is one of the strongest Outer Sect disciples in Reliance Sect. He is also one of the few who cultivates the Were-demon technique.


He is defined to be fierce looking and often wears a cold expression on his face. Like the other outer sect cultivators, he too, wears a dark green robe.


Cruel and ruthless, he is widely known for having killed numerous Outer Sect disciples in the Public Zone. He is arrogant and cold. He is the type of person who ingratiates himself to people more powerful than him but looks down on cultivators who has a lower cultivation base than him.


He was first introduced when he tried to steal Meng Hao's medicinal pill and Spirit Stones. After failing to try to talk the latter into surrendering his belongings, he then resorted to force,[2] a choice which he would ultimately regret.[1]

Meng Hao fled. Zhao Wugang then chased after him, transforming into a Were-demon after failing to outrun Meng Hao. After Zhao Wugang fully transformed bearing the image of a demonic beast, Meng Hao was suddenly struck with the idea of using the Copper Mirror as a last resort to defend himself. Unexpectedly, Zhao Wugang was suddenly struck with a strong surge of power that brought him unspeakable pain and injuries. Though in pain, he was unrelenting, cursing Meng Hao until his very last breath. [1]


  • His first name Wu means "martial" or "military." Gang interprets into different things, including "strong" and "unyielding". (Source: Wuxiaworld)

More Quotes

You will be the first person to die under my Were-demon skill! How just and fair!
Zhao Wugang to Meng Hao
on Chapter 8: Zhao Wugang (Chapter)

You little bastard! Today, I’m not just going to kill you; I’m going to go down the mountain, find your family and kill them too! I’ll humiliate your entire clan!

I will kill your entire family, and then eliminate your whole clan! I’ll make them all feel pain like this, then let them die screaming!
Zhao Wugang to Meng Hao shortly before dying
on Chapter 9: Patience and Frustration

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