“This is my choice, so whether I live or die has nothing to do with you, Brother Meng. I won’t infect your Karma. I, Yuwen Jian… just want a chance to search for my path of good fortune!

“If I live, fine. If I die, fine…. I was born in the Mountain and Sea Realm, and I grew up in it. I’ll give my blood, my cultivation, everything about me… to repay that debt!

— Yuwen Jian to Meng Hao
said in Book 8, Chapter 1326: Entering the Vale of the Godgrave!
Yuwen Jian is one of the recurring characters of I Shall Seal the Heavens. He is a member of the Echelon of the Seventh Mountain and Sea. Surprisingly, he is a full-fledged Body Cultivator. He is ranked near the middle in the Echelon. He is a super big liar, to the point of being shameless.


Yuwen Jian first met Meng Hao in the Windswept Realm. He attacked Meng Hao believing himself to be advantageous as he had already seen some of his attacks from his battle with Lin CongHe confident in being able to, atleast, force a tie with Meng Hao as he believed that Lin Cong only lost due to being careless and ignorant. However, he was defeated by Meng Hao without even using any of his cultivation. Meng Hao only used his fleshly body to fight Yuwen Jian as he wished to compare his fleshly body to an acutal Body Cultivator's fleshly body. He lost very easily to Meng Hao. Afterwards, Meng Hao let him live and they both began gaining enlightenment on each other's 300 Great Daos. During this enlightenment, Hai Dongqing, another member of the Echelon who became Dao Heaven's lackey after losing to him, attacked them but he was killed three times by Meng Hao, thoroughly eradicating him.Afterwards, Meng Hao and Yuwen Jian went to the Sixth Mountain and teamed up with its Echelon, Hong Bin, to fight against Dao Heaven. During this battle, Hong Bin was killed multiple times by Dao Heaven, which killed him forever. 

After the Imperial Emperor of the Windswept Realm unleashed the Traitorous Sutra of the Rebel Dao, Lin CongHan QingleiDao HeavenYuwen Jian, and the other members of the Echelon were chained to it and their life force was being absorbed. Meng Hao saved Han Qinglei, Lin CongDao Heaven, and Yuwen Jian, ending all enmity between them.

Yuwen Jian became a good friend of Meng Hao and promised to go hunting Gods with him if Meng Hao ever came to the Seventh Mountain and Sea. He also took Meng Hao's Ancient treasure Battle-Axe with him, which left Meng Hao very depressed. </p>

Book 8 Edit

Yuwen Jian took Meng Hao with him to the Vale of Godgrave inside the Seventh Mountain and Sea to obtain some God-Blood. Meng Hao killed all of the Outsiders standing guard outside of the entrance to the Vale and entered, along with Yuwen Jian. Yuwen Jian decided to go his own separate way from Meng Hao. He obtained some blood from the Eight Start Ancient God's body.

Book 9 Edit

He was born within the Devil Realm Continent after Paragon Sea Dream reincarnated him, along with Dao Heaven, in the hope that they'll one day exact revenge upon the transgressors of the Mountain and Sea Realm.

Book 10 Edit

He was among the remnants of the Li Clan, who were unable to self-detonate in the war that destroyed the Mountain and Sea Realm, that sealed themselves away and did not participate in the battle between the Vast Expanse School and the Devil Realm. Along with the Li Clan, he was then transported out of the Vast Expanse to the place where the Devil Realm's Ancestor is said to have migrated.

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