Xue Yuncui is a minor character in I Shall Seal the Heavens who had a brief appearance in the novel, when she and Zhao Shanhe were backing Xu Qing into a corner.


Xue Yuncui was introduced as one of Zhao Shanhe's numerous female partners in the fourth book of the series. She was accompanying Zhao Shanhe as he chased after Xu Qing, trying to persuade the latter into becoming Zhao Shanhe's concubine.

She was one of the reasons for Xu Qing's misery, as she often tried to make things harder for her every chance she got. Because of Xu Qing's adamant refusal of Zhao Shanhe's offer, she created an even harder life for her, inviting Xu Qing's hatred.

After witnessing Zhao Shanhe's death, she tried to beg for her life. But neither Meng Hao nor Xu Qing were moved by her pleas. She then died at Xu Qing's hands.

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