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In the 33 Heavens, the only people who could force me into a situation like this would be the two 8-Essences Paragons. But now, another person like that exists… you.
Xuan Fang to Meng Hao
on Chapter 1361: Risking It All In Battle!

Xuan Fang was the paragon that lead the 33 Heavens in the second attack against the Mountain and Sea Realm. He is one of the antagonistic figures in the novel.


Xuan Fang is extremely clever, being able to plan extensively and hide his main target until the last moment. Still, he respects those that gain his respect as seen with him clasping hands to Meng Hao.


He hails from a lion tribe of the 33 Heavens and is one of the five Paragons of the 33 Heavens.


He trapped Meng Hao on the seal of the Sun and almost killed him. Meng Hao combined his six demon sealing hexes to launch a last ditch effort and managed to kill more than 70% of his souls.

He was seriously injured by Meng Hao after he forcefully extinguished four more of his soul lamps. Meng Hao then used a gloompearl to trap Xuan Fang for quarter of an hour. Afterwards, he used the special ability of his Essence of Space to seal Xuan Fang, once again. This seal required Mythdragon to spend five months on it and the use of his life blood.

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