A violet rain that falls onto the Western Desert, it has the power to destroy the life force of any living thing it touches, and could even cut off spiritual energy, which forces everybody out of the land lest they want to die. The rain will fall non-stop for hundreds of years, often lasting even longer, making a violet sea out of whole Western Desert.

Violet Rain ApocalypseEdit

In the Western Desert, every 100,000 years, violet rain comes that causes endless desolation to the land and the people alike. Although the rain only lasts for a few years, the accumulated desolation rainwater makes the Western Desert inhabitable for another 10,000 years to come. This event is known as the Western Desert Apocalypse, and during this time all the inhabitants of the Western Desert migrate to the Black Lands, which is higher up than the Western Desert. In fact, the Black Lands is the highest point on the entire Planet South Heaven.

Violet SeaEdit

Formed after the Violet Rain fell for tens of years in the Western Desert.

Known FactsEdit

  • Meng Hao cultivated in the Violet Sea for more than 150 years, nearly transmogrifying into a demon beast.[1]
  • The Violet Sea became one of Meng Hao's Nascent Soul anima/totem. [1]

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