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The Three Churches and Six Sects are apart of the main power of the Nine Mountain and Seas along with the Five Great Holy Lands, Three Great Daoist Societies, Four Great Clans, and the ruler, the Ji Clan.

Three Great Daoist Societies:
Immortal Ancient Daoist Rite
Sublime Flow Sword Grotto
9 Seas God World

Three Great Churches:
Immortal Emperor
Blood Orchid
Puppet God

Four Great Clans:
Fang Clan
Li Clan
Wang Clan
Song Clan

Five holy lands:
Mount Sun
Paleo-Immortal Mausoleum
Moonset Lake
Bones of the Flamedevil
Blue Lotus Sky

Six Great Sects:
Kunlun Society
Seven Seas Sect
Five Colors Sect
Demon Immortal Sect
Burning Incense Stick Society
Solitary Sword Pavilion

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