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South Heaven (Mobile game)


South Heaven is one of the four planets of the Ninth Mountain and Sea, with the others being West Felicity, East Victory, and North Reed.

It is guarded by Fang Xiufeng and what is known as the Door of South Heaven, is protected by the Great Tang (who are also known as the Allheaven Li Clan).

Known Facts Edit

See also: Allheaven Li Clan for more details
  • This planet is special, in that it has abnormalities that the other planets don't. For one, anybody above the Dao Realm is forbidden from entering the planet unless they drop their cultivation base down to the Great Circle of the Ancient Realm. Should any Dao Realm expert force their way into the planet, the planet surrounds itself with a death formation executing any trespasser on the spot.
  • The Great Tang holds authority over the death formation that surrounds this planet.
  • Any Dao Realm expert who wishes to enter or reside in it has to obtain the planet's acknowledgement. In order to so, one must consult the Great Tang who guards its door.[1] Fang Xiufeng is the only Dao Realm expert to ever gain an approval.


During the war with the 33 Heavens, Immortal God Continent, and Devil Realm Continent Planet South Heaven was destroyed. Thousands of years later after Meng Hao Transcended it was recreated along with the rest of the Mountain and Sea Realm. [2]

With the passage of time and the destruction of the Mountain and Sea Realm, the only thing that was left of it was the Ninth Mountain and Ninth Sea. [3]


Southern DomainEdit

Black LandsEdit

Western DesertEdit

  • Crow Divinity Tribe — formerly of Western Desert, later unified with the Church of Golden Light.
  • Five Poison Tribe (destroyed)

Milky Way SeaEdit

  • State of Xiao (formerly)
  • Sea Divinity Sect
  • Flying Immortal Sect
  • Sun Soul Society

Eastern LandsEdit

  • Great Tang
  • Ji Clan Branch
  • Fang Clan Ancestral Mansion

Northern ReachesEdit

  • Imperial Bloodline Clan

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