The Sixth Mountain and Sea is one of the Nine Mountains and Seas that comprise of the Mountain and Sea Realm. After Meng Hao left the Vale of Godgrave, he went to the Fourth Mountain and Sea. The Sixth Mountain and Sea, along with the Seventh Mountain and Sea, were traitors that attacked the Fifth Mountain and Sea and the Eighth Mountain and Sea, respectively. Due to most of the high level cultivators of the Sixth Mountain and Sea being in the war with the Fifth Mountain and Sea, the Sixth Mountain and Sea easily lost to the Outsiders. On his way, he saved Lord Wu, the Lord of the Fifth Mountain and Sea from Lord Cang, the Lord of the Sixth Mountain and Sea, and one of the clones of the Outsider Dao Sovereign. He also achieved a True Dao Sovereign fleshly body. 

Lord of Sixth Mountain and Sea:Edit

  • Lord Cang (Traitor) (Deceased)

Locations Edit

  • Planets
  • Sixth Sea

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