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Shui Dongliu in all essence created Meng Hao. He was the one that set him on the path to become an all-powerful cultivator.[citation needed] Even everything Meng Hao went through was the result of Shui Dongliu's interference. Literally everything. All his trials were set up so that Meng Hao would go through with them and grow stronger with each tribulation. Hence his roller coaster of a life in the Mountain and Sea Realm. However, any time Meng Hao was ever truly incapable of saving himself or making the necessary steps forward, Shui Dongliu would help him, acting as a passive Master and friend throughout the series. As a result, Meng Hao doesn't hate him but he, in fact, has great respect for him for shaping his life. Shui Dongliu chooses to protect the Vast Expanse when Meng Hao goes out into the universe a hundred years after lifting Allheaven's curse.[citation needed]

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