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His real name is Lin Tao

He is one of the three Saints of the Milky Way Sea, Saint Sun Soul of the Sun Soul Society !

He was fond of red garments, and his three swords could shake Heaven and Earth. The last time the Demon Tide arrived to destroy Seahold City, he single-handedly wielded his three swords in defense. The Sword Qi penetrated all the way to the Second Ring.

“These three swords of mine were forged with a Sky-Sun Bone, something rarely seen in the Milky Way Sea, even in ten thousand years. It borrows the power of the stars and refines it into an undying strength that can overcome any obstacle.”- Saint Sun Soul

It was completely shocking, and frightened the Demon hordes into retreat.

“In the past, I swore an oath to never again kill a Cultivator. My sword will only kill the Outsiders!" - Saint Sun Soul to Meng Hao

Saint Sun Soul was proud, and not the type to speak falsehoods.