Primeval Transformation is Allheaven's eightth transformation. It allows Allheaven to duplicate the most powerful experts of the starry sky that exist within his memories. [1] He is capable of summoning several duplicates at a time.


Techniques that can be usedEdit


  • Gate of the Ghost Realm — As the Ghost (used in chapter 1601)
  • Unorthodox magic: Ghost Dao — Incomplete trump card(used in chapter 1603)
  • Various other Divine Abilities


  • Devil Scepter — (used in chapter 1601)
  • Seven God Steps — (used in chapter 1601)
  • Possession — Incomplete trump card (used in chapter 1603)
  • Divine Ability capable of consuming essence
  • Various other Divine Abilities


  • Call the Wind — (used in chapter 1603)
  • The Dao of the God, warrior among all cultivators! The magic of the Demon, a flame to ignite the Heavens! The tribulation of the Devil, a calamity of death — Incomplete trump card
  • Various other Divine Abilities

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