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Master has sown Karma, and because you did not break it, neither shall I!
Pill Demon to Meng Hao
on Chapter 293: Legacy Apprentice

Pill Demon is a recurring character in I Shall Seal the Heavens. He is Meng Hao's master who taught him Alchemy. He became a True Immortal by fighting immortal destiny that happens every 10,000 years.


Portrayed as being kind and cares only about the Dao of alchemy.



Book 3

Leader of the Violet Fate Sect and also Meng Hao's master for alchemy. Grandmaster Pill Demon is aware from the moment Meng Hao arrived in the Violet Fate Sect that he is infected with the Resurrection Lily. He oversees Meng Hao's growth, and eventually gives him a chance to become a Violet furnace Lord.

Pill Demon had two disciples who left Pill Demon to search for their own Dao of Alchemy. Although, Pill Demon didn't stop them, he was still very sad due to their departure. The two include Grandmaster Eternal Mountain and another unnamed disciple who's Dao of Alchemy is supposedly second only to Meng Hao's and Pill Demon's. During the time that Meng Hao was in the Violet Fate Sect his cultivation base was in the Spirit Severing stage.

When Meng Hao forsakes the Violet Fate Sect to protect it from the wrath of the Ji Clan, Grandmaster Pill Demon intercepts Patriarch Ji Fang, preventing him from joining in the effort to kill Meng Hao. During their conflict, Ji Fang implies that Pill Demon might also be Violet East, the founder of the Violet Fate Sect. Pill Demon says that Violet East has perished, and that he is Pill Demon.

Books 5-6

Later during the Southern Domain War with the Northern Reaches he unlocked his powers from his past life as Reverend Violet East and stepped into Dao Seeking and eventually into Peak Dao Seeking, until later, with the help of Meng Hao and his father fought for the destiny of True Immortality and eventually winning stepping into the Immortal Realm.

Afterwards, he was taken by Daoist Kunlun to be his legacy apprentice in the Kunlun Society. Chu Yuyan and some others with good talent were also taken.

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