What exactly are these bridges?!?!
Meng Hao fist seeing the bridges
on Chapter 856: Paragon Bridge (Chapter)

Paragon Bridge is a Paragon Magic created by Meng Hao during the Three Great Daoist Societies Ancient Road trial by fire. He also created A Writ of Karma before this. [1] Meng Hao was able to create this divine ability after seeing the nine Pāramitā Heaven-Trampling Foundation.


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Nine Heaven-defying bridges like this were actually destroyed…. These are no mere bridges! They were obviously especially created to allow cultivators to experience incredible cultivation base growth, to be able to punch through to an incredible realm of power! I never imagined that I would be able to see something like this here! This is extremely good fortune for me!
Meng Hao first seeing the bridges
on Chapter 854: Secret Clues!

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