One Thought Stellar Transformation is a Daoist Magic while not being a Daoist Magic and a magical item while not being a magical item. It is a magical Item that is from the First Generation Fang Clan Patriarch. This technique is required for one to create a One Thought Pill, the hardest of the three legendary pills of the Fang Clan Alchemy Division.

How it WorksEdit

It’s a type of magical item which, after being fused with, can temporarily erupt with a will of invincibility. It is divided into a few levels with the user turning into an ansteroid and, eventually, a planet. Meng Hao uses the technique to turn into an asteroid when trying to open his door of immortality and, also, when he fought against Fang Wei.

To reach the final level i.e turning into a planet one needs to create a blood clone that then becomes the planet.

It also has a teleportation technique called Stellar Teleportation that turns one's body into motes of light, teleport, and then turn back into the body.

It actually doesn't make one "invincible" for a moment; rather, it surrounds one's body inside an asteroid (planet at the highest level) which basically gives one an extra shield.

Inheritance Edit

It’s was connected to necropolis inside the Fang Clan Ancestral Land, as the last inheritor was the First Patriarch of the Fang Clan, and only one person at a time can gain enlightenment on it. Once the legacy is passed on, nobody else can learn it unless that first person dies.


  • 1st Patriarch of the Fang Clan: It is unknown if he created One Thought Stellar Transformation or if he received the legacy from someone else.


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