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The Necropolis of Patriarch Vast Expanse is the location where the clone of Patriarch Vast Expanse attempted to reach Transcendence as the Immortal. At that time, the necropolis was known as the City of Saints and was the biggest powerhouse of the Vast Expanse. According to most legends, Patriarch Vast Expanse eventually perished here. There are however certain rumors stating that he didn’t die, but rather, stayed behind alive to accompany the souls of his dead companions. Supposedly, after countless years, he departed, leaving behind the method for Transcendence.


The Necropolis consists of nine floating islands connected by bridges. Surrounding the nine land masses was a seemingly infinite field of drifting asteroids. Occasionally, they would emit strange fluctuations which provoked sensations of intense danger.

Known FactsEdit

  • Vast Expanse School have been trying for decade to try to get to it's center as the the method for Transcendence that Patriarch Vast Expanse left behind.
  • The only way to enter it was via the nine altars on the half-planet of the Vast Expanse School.
  • There is danger everywhere in the necropolis, even 9-Essences Paragons can easily lose their lives if they're not careful.

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