The Mountain and Sea Butterfly also known as Meng Hao's Realm, is the remnants of the Mountain and Sea Realm that was located within the Green Coffin Vortex, a place that Paragon Sea Dream guided the survivors to before her death.[1]

Description Edit

There are a number of two continents in it, one on each wing that the remaining immortal cultivators settled into, awaiting the return of their Demon Sovereign. While the location of their new settlement actually makes them unable to leave the vortex, it also renders the Outsiders incapable of entering it. The new 33 Heavens then set a restrictive seal just outside the Green Coffin Vortex, standing guard over the Mountain and Sea Butterfly.[citation needed]

Known Facts Edit

  • This was originally a Devil Realm World-Butterfly, one of the only nine butterflies that exist. As this particular butterfly was already dead, Shui Dongliu made Meng Li and Fang Xiufeng the wings of this butterfly, infusing it with a life force. [citation needed]
  • The term "Mountain and Sea Butterfly" was coined by the 33 Heavens, Immortal God Continent and the Devil Realm.[citation needed]
  • After Meng Hao lifted the curse from the starry sky of the Mountains and Seas, his parents were finally able to reincarnate, and as they were the Mountain and Sea Butterfly itself, it no longer exists.[citation needed]

Hierarchy Edit

Demon Sovereign Edit

A title solely conferred to the entity mentioned below, a moniker somewhat equivalent to the name Lord of the Mountain and Sea but of a far higher degree.[citation needed]

Guardian Clan Edit

After the war with the 33 Heavens and the two Realms, they were given the duty of guarding the entire Mountain and Sea.

Four Guardians Edit

These four are Dao Realm cultivators who rose to the level of Paragons within the Mountain and Sea Butterfly.

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