I come from a distant place, and am not a cultivator of the Mountain and Sea Realm…. My obsession then resided in the Mountain and Sea Realm, and I gained enlightenment of the Dao of Nine Seals. I encountered the Second Generation Demon Sealer, and was redeemed. I learned of the difference between what is correct and what is incorrect, and I became… the Third Generation Demon Sealer!...

As a Demon Sealer, I eventually walked the path of a Paragon. I looked into the past to observe the First Generation, Nine Seals. I came to understand his Dao, and to know him as a person. Eventually I achieved my ambition of reaching the Daosource….
Lord Li to Meng Hao
on Chapter 1306: Third Generation Demon Sealer!

Lord Li is one of the characters most often referred to and brought up in the history of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. Though he never appeared in person throughout the course of the novel, he is regarded to be one of the foremost characters in the series.


Lord Li is the previous Lord of the Ninth Mountain and Sea and the Third Generation Demon Sealer. He was also the strongest Demon Sealer, until Meng Hao became the Ninth Generation Demon Sealer.


Lord Li is an Outsider who met the Second Generation Demon Sealer and inherited his legacy then learned about Paragon Nine Seals being the First Generation Demon Sealer and about the Mountain and Sea Realm.

He later came to the Ninth Mountain and Sea and fought for the position of its Lord. He created the Ancient Demon Immortal Sect and his generals included the First Generation Patriarch of the Fang Clan and Lord Ji, who later usurped Lord Li's power after he went missing and everyone thought he had died. The only thing that came back was his clone, which somehow made Immortals not be "Immortal" anymore. This was seen when time caught up with Ke Yunhai and he died. It seems before that Immortals were truly Immortal. This was another why Lord Ji won the war against the Ancient Demon Immortal Sect: many experts of the Ninth Mountain and Sea defected to Lord Ji's side because they were unhappy at losing their infinite longevity.

When Meng Hao inherited the legacy of Lord Li, he learnt that Lord Li was, in fact, alive and had the Trasncendent cultivation base , something that no one in the Paragon Immortal Realm had managed to do, even at its height. The only person who ever came close was Paragon Nine Seals who had a Transcendent fleshly body but his cultivation base was only at the peak of the 9-Essence Paragon level.


  1. It seems that the bit about him "reaching the Daosource" was misinterpreted as it is clearly stated in some of the last hundred chapters that only three people have ever Transcended: Patriarch Vast Expanse, Wang Lin, and Su Ming. There's debate going on in the community and even the novel's translator, Deathblade, is unsure. For now we have to assume that Lord Li was only half-step to Transcendence, which is the same level as Nine Seals and Song Daozi.
  2. Certain speculations state that like Jin Yunshan who has not fully transcended and ventured out into the Universe to remedy that, his situation may have been the same. Having difficulties becoming a True Transcendor, he left the Vast Expanse for a chance to transcend.

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