The League of Demon Sealers! The First Generation is the Ancestor. The Second Generation is the Inheritor. The Third Generation is the most powerful. After the Fourth Generation, the successive generations grow weaker…. But the Ninth Generation is the ultimate! If the Ninth Generation is not slain, it is the pinnacle!

The League Of Demon Sealers was founded by Paragon Nine Seals to be his successors in the Mountain and Sea Realm. Not much is known about its members apart from the Nine Demon Sealers who have been mentioned in the story.


  • So long as one Demon Sealer still exists, so does the League of Demon Sealers.

Hexing Magics Edit

The various generations have created some unique hexing magic that appears to be solely used by them.

  1. Beginning-Ending Hex (Nine Seals; Shui Dongliu)
  2. Real-Unreal Hex (Second generation)
  3. Present-Ancient Hex (Lord Li)
  4. Self Hex (Fourth generation)
  5. Inside-Outside Hex (Tian Pingzi)
  6. Life-Death Hex (Sixth generation)
  7. Karmic Hex (Seventh generation)
  8. Body-Mind Hex (Shui Mo)
  9. Seal the Heavens Hex (Meng Hao)
  10. My Fate is to Seal the Heavens Like a Demon Hex (Meng Hao)

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