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Kṣitigarbha is one of the recurring characters in I Shall Seal the Heavens. He is recognized as the strongest among all the Mountain and Sea Lords. He also presides over the reincarnation cycle in the Mountain and Sea Realm.


Before Meng Hao rose to prominence he was considered the most talented person because of his accomplishments in the Immortal Realm, forming 120 Immortal Meridians and later on in the Ancient Realm where he ignited 29 Soul Lamps.


Before the destruction of the Mountain and Sea Realm he was the Lord of the Fourth Mountain and Sea with him being in control of the Yellow Springs in the entire Mountain and Sea Realm.

He took Xu Qing in as a disciple while she was still in the Cycle of Reincarnation to sow good seeds of Karma between him and Meng Hao.

After the destruction of the Mountain and Sea Realm Kṣitigarbha became one of the guardians of the Mountain and Sea Butterfly. After Meng Hao transcended and recreated the Mountain and Sea Realm, it is unknown if Kṣitigarbha will still be the Lord of the Fourth Mountain and Sea.


  • Kṣitigarbha was the only person within the Mountain and Sea realm to be able to bypass the seal that the 33 Heavens have on the Mountain and Sea Realm that restricts anyone from becoming a Dao Sovereign.
    • The second one was Meng Hao who got his fleshly body to the Dao Sovereign stage.
  • Kṣitigarbha and Meng Hao never met face to face until the end of Book 8.

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