Holy Termite is one of the Peak 9-Essences Paragons of the Vast Expanse. He became Meng Hao's three strongest subordinates, alongside Patriarch Godlizard and the Primordial Patriarch.


He is stronger than any of the Peak-9 Essences cultivators. His size is as large as an entire landmass and he looks appearance of a termite.


Meng Hao got the fourth of the eight shards of the Copper Mirror from him (he got one from the Necropolis of Patriarch Vast Expanse and the other from Immortal Bai Wuchen). At the time, he invited Holy Termite to become his subordinate but was refused and told "maybe if he was a Transcendor" .

After Transcending, Meng Hao paid a visit to Holy Termite, not to make his subordinate as he doesn't have a need for anyone since he can kill anything under Transcendence with a simple thought. Instead, he went there to clear up the Karma with Holy Termite as he had a feeling the Karma could be used against him.

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