Meng Hao, I won’t waste your time. One punch. Just one punch!
Wang Tengfei

Book Six Chapters:

801. We Will Meet Again!
802. Immortal Ancient Dao Medallion!
803. Going to the Ji Clan to Collect Debts
804. Debts Must Be Repaid!
805. We'll Pay You Back!
806. The Wind Stirs in the Ninth Mountain and Sea!
807. Ancient Immortal Daoist Rite Temple!
808. Projections Passing Down Daos!
809. Immortal Ancient Dao Meridian!
810. Two Restrictions!
811. I've Been Waiting!
812. I'm the Groundskeeper
813. Inky and Lily
814. Call Me Meng Hao!
815. Fan Dong'er (Chapter)
816. Battling the Goddess
817. Here You Go, Inky!
818. Changing Fate!
819. A Flickering Vision of Ancient Times
820. Who's Trying to Steal My Business?
821. Mopping Up Li Ling'er!
822. From Now On, Call Me Lil' Hai!
823. Ambush!
824. Wrecking the Ambush
825. Zhixiang Pays Her Debt!
826. !
827. Never Too Late for Revenge!
828. Invincible!
829. Severing Versus Hexing!
830. Evacuation!
831. The Grownups Arrive….
832. Everyone Is Released
833. An Amateurish Seduction Con
834. Take A Look and See Who I Am
835. Pill Demon's Tribulation
836. The Door of Immortality Descends
837. Mistaken? I'll Still Do as I Said!
838. So, You Are a Thief Too!
839. True Immortality is a Challenge!
840. The Path Ahead Lies In The Stars, Not On This Planet
841. The Ancient Road of Trial by Fire is Opened!
842. Just a Misunderstanding….
843. Fight For Supremacy, the Entire Way!
844. First Place in the First Stage!
845. Rising Star!
846. Fastest!
847. Talent. Cultivation. Age.
848. Senior, Bring Another!
849. Creativity
850. Can the Leopard Change its Spots?
851. Loyal Personality
852. Flowers in Full Bloom
853. Nine Bridges!
854. Secret Clues!
855. A Writ of Karma!
856. Paragon Bridge (Chapter)
857. Warrior Pavilion!
858. The Last Time!
859. The Final Two Stages
860. The Heart is Strong, the Dao is Unyielding!
861. First Place!
862. Provocation!
863. Pill Delivery Service!
864. The Real Ruins of Immortality!
865. Sixth Demon Sealing Hex!
866. I Am a God!
867. One Punch!
868. Junior Blood Immortal!
869. Top 32!
870. The Fiends Descend!
871. Invincible Power!
872. She Appears!
873. She's a Paragon!
874. Semifinals!
875. Domineering!
876. Four Battles, Four Victories!
877. Unleashed!
878. Eclipsing Everything
879. Peak Battle!
880. Shocking Transformations!
881. Sixth Demon Sealing Hex!
882. 13th in the Echelon!
883. Snatching Food From the Tiger's Mouth!
884. Family Reunion
885. Revisiting Old Haunts
886. Another Challenge at the Dao Lakes!
887. The Essence of Divine Flame!
888. Let Them Fly On Their Own!
889. Killing Intent Lurking Everywhere!
890. Battling Formidable Opponents!
891. Divine Flame Incinerates Immortals!
892. East Heaven Gate
893. Might As Well Make a Scene!
894. His Bloodline Shakes the Clan!
895. He's' Back!
896. The Fang Clan of Planet East Victory!
897. Fang Wei!
898. Do You Want to Die?!
899. Difficult To Distinguish Between Enmity and Benevolence
900. Third Grandpa
901. A Thorough Investigation
902. The Fang Clan's Dao of Alchemy
903. A Brief Glimpse of Cutting Edge Talent
904. Now Let's Throw Down
905. Plant and Vegetation Throwdown!
906. The First Waves
907. I Definitely Don't Want It!
908. Medicine Pavilion
909. Cheating!
910. Rocking the Pavilion
911. Changes in the Dao of Alchemy Division
912. Hardships Prompt Changes!
913. Changes Bring Solutions!
914. First in Level After Level
915. Striving for the Pinnacle of Perfection
916. Lotuses With Each Step!
917. Climbing Higher!
918. Boundless Dao of Alchemy!
919. Provocation
920. An Exception!
921. Objectives
922. The Sound of a Drum in the Pill Pavilion!
923. Meng Hao Concocts Pills!
924. Skypalace Sunspirit Pill
925. Future Brother-In-Law?
926. Daos and Tools!
927. The Shore of Brightmoon Lake
928. You Stick With Me!
929. Momentum
930. I've Missed All of You!
931. Her Name is Fang Yu!
932. The Sun Rises!
933. Struggling for Supremacy!
934. Neck and Neck
935. My Nirvana Fruits!
936. Meng Hao vs. Fang Wei
937. One Punch!
938. Rise of a Blazing Sun
939. True Saint Fleshly Body (Chapter)
940. The End of the Sky
941. Ten Breaths of Time With the Sun!
942. Third Divine Ability!
943. Killing Intent Approaches!
944. The Grand Elder's Stance
945. Meng Hao's Tears
946. A Certain Object, a Certain Person
947. Quasi-Dao Paragons
948. Terrifying
949. Perilous Ancestral Land
950. Scraping It Clean
951. Demon Sealers Appear Again!
952. Nine Nethermountains
953. Getting the Hang of the Sixth Hex
954. Sun and Moon in the Nine Nethermountains!
955. Fifth Demon Sealing Hex
956. A Struggle of Generations!
957. Inner Devils of the Chosen!
958. Strolling Through the Immortal Kingdom!
959. A Lamp!
960. Whose Soul Lamp Is It!?
961. Necropolis
962. The Number One Person of Immortal Destiny!
963. Fang Hao, Come Out and Fight!
964. We're Waiting!
965. The Ancestral Land Opens!
966. Storm Winds Gather!
967. Paragon Immortal Tribulation
968. Transcending Tribulation!
969. 30,000-meter Dharma Idol!
970. Paragon Immortal Palaces!
971. I am Fang Mu!
972. Barrage on the Door of Immortality
973. Opening the Immortal Meridians
974. More than 100 Meridians!
975. Blood Demon and Resurrection Lily!
976. Dao Corroboration!
977. Demon Sealer Meridians!
978. An Immortal Flying Through the Sky!
979. An Eruption of Good Fortune!
980. Foster Father Sends a Meridian!
981. Illusory Soul Lamps!
982. Xu Qing's Good Fortune!
983. The Great Circle of the Immortal Realm!
984. 33 Heavens!
985. Fight! (Chapter 985)
986. Six Experts vs. Meng Hao!
987. Meng Hao's Ambition!
988. Wanna Get Married, Wifey?!
989. That Same Feeling!
990. Gods vs. Immortals!
991. Fang Wei vs. Meng Hao!
992. I Haven't Lost Yet!
993. Upheaval in the Fang Clan!
994. The Clan in Chaos!
995. The Ji Clan Makes a Move!
996. The Battle Resumes!
997. Fang Xiushan' DIE!
998. The Fall of Fang Wei!
999. The Terracotta Soldier Arrives!
1000. The Fang Clan's Second Dao Realm Expert!
1001. The Ji Clan's Last Secret Weapon!
1002. Who Are You!?
1003. First Generation Patriarch!
1004. The Fang Clan!


Gods vs. Immortals! is the apart of Book 6 and the 990th chapter in I Shall Seal the Heavens.


In order of appearance:




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