The Fourth Mountain and Sea is one of the Nine Mountains and Seas that comprise of the Mountain and Sea Realm

History Edit

The Fourth Mountain and Sea is the location of the Yellow Springs where the dead are sent to be reincarnated. After losing the last of her life force due to the incursion of the cultivators from the Northern Reaches, Xu Qing was sent here. On her way to the Fourth Mountain, the "custodian" of the queue to the Yellow Springs decided to enslave her and absorb her due to her having a sliver of will that will return her memories of her previous life once she reaches Immortal Ascension. However, Fang Xiufeng was enraged at this and instantly killed the "custodian".[citation needed]

Later, to sow good karma with Meng Hao, Kṣitigarbha takes Xu Qing in as his 49th disciple. [citation needed]

Lord of Fourth Mountain and Sea Edit

  • Kṣitigarbha

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  • Fourth Sea

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