It can only be cultivated once, but when it is, it will cause a one-time increase in fleshly body power that is astonishing to the extreme...
Meng Hao

The Secret Art of Fleshly Sanctification is a secret art [1] that comes from the Demon Immortal Pagoda. [2] It is one of the three thousand Daoist magics of the Demon Immortal Sect. It is ranked seventh among the 3000 Daoist magics. [3]


The art functions as a one-time method to increase the power of one's fleshly body. It is described as infusing the body with nourishment by means of magical symbols. It is not verified, but Meng Hao believed that the technique was only usable inside of the Demon Immortal Sect and that attempting to use it elsewhere would be useless [2].

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