The Eight Mountain and Sea is one of the Nine Mountains and Seas that comprise of the Mountain and Sea Realm.  

History Edit

The Seventh Mountain and Sea, along with the Sixth Mountain and Sea, were traitors that attacked the Eighth Mountain and Sea and the Fifth Mountain and Sea, respectively. The Eight Mountain and Sea was badly losing until Meng Hao appeared. He saved and sent Noble Ran to the Ninth Mountain and Sea. Then, he found that Heavengod was his indeed Grandpa Meng. He learnt that defeating Lord White, the Lord of the Seventh Mountain and Sea, should cause strong enough fluctuations to awaken Grandpa Meng from his slumber. Sure enough, that's what happened.  

Lord of Eight Mountain and SeaEdit

  • Heavengod (Grandpa Meng)




Two Great Clans Edit

Others Edit

Sects Edit

Heavengod Alliance Edit

Three Great Daoist Societies Edit

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