Eastern Lands is one of the four continents on Planet South Heaven, with the others being the Southern Domain, the Northern Reaches, and the Western Desert.


The Eastern Lands is recognized as the strongest amongst the four by all the other three continents. This is mainly because the Eastern Lands is host to multitudes of ancient and powerful clans. There is also a powerful empire known as the Great Tang.

Its strength and influence is vastly superior to the Northern Reaches, Southern Domain or Western Desert. And the number of its major sects alone add up to nine.[1] The Eastern Lands also hosts the famous Tower of Tang, although there are smaller replicas across the other continents as well.



  • Great Tang — its power is said to hold even more power than the two Eastern Lands branches of the Fang and Ji Clans.


  • Ji Clan — Eastern Lands branch. Overlord among all the domineering powerhouses in this continent with numerous Spirit Realm cultivators, tens of False Immortals, and a peak false immortal Branch Head.
  • Fang Clan — Eastern Lands branch. While equal to the Ji Clan in terms of strength and resources, the fact that the Lord of the Ninth Mountain and Sea is from Ji Clan effectively puts them a step lower.

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