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His face was calm, and his eyes cold, without a trace of arrogance. However, a single look at him would leave anyone without doubt that he was superior to others.

His Cultivation base was at the ninth level of Qi Condensation, and yet he appeared to be only twenty-two or twenty-three years old.


A Violet Fate Sect Inner Sect disciple and novitiate of Grandmaster Pill Demon, that was sent to kill Meng Hao because of the incident with the iron spear. Meng Hao was defeated by him in battle and was brought back from a near-death condition, fully healed, by the North Sea. Meng Hao subsequently killed him. On his person was a Foundation Establishment Pill created by Grandmaster Pill Demon. Meng Hao impersonated Ding Xin to sell it in Milky Way City.


  • Ding is a common family name. Xin means "believe" or "faith". (Source: Wuxiaworld)

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