Dao Heaven is one of the recurring characters in I Shall Seal the Heavens. He is a member of the Echelon of the First Mountain and Sea. He was the highest ranked member of the Echelon, until Meng Hao dethroned him. He even had a fellow Echelon member as his subordiante, who was later killed by Meng Hao.

History Edit

He was introduced as a member of the Echelon of the First Mountain and Sea.He is widely recognized as one of the top tier cultivators amongst the Echelon, coming second only to Meng Hao, and, possibly, some of the other unnamed Echelon members of the older generation.

Dao Heaven gained enlightenment of a Paragon magic that allowed him to summon a painting that housed Slaughter. He deemed Slaughter to be his master, although the feeling wasn't mutual.

Meng Hao, unwittingly, destroyed his Paragon magic, setting Slaughter free.

Later, Meng Hao saved Dao Heaven, Lin Cong, and Han Qinglei during the Windswept Realm uprising, ending all the enmity between them.

Book 9 Edit

He was born within the Immortal God Continent after Paragon Sea Dream reincarnated him, along with Yuwen Jian, in the hope that they'll one day exact revenge upon the transgressors of the Mountain and Sea Realm.

Book 10 Edit

Sea Dream believed that Dao-Heaven managed to successfully infiltrate the Immortal God Continent. However, she didn't know of the true nature of that realm i.e it is inhabited solely of puppets of Allheaven. This ensured that everyone was able to see that Dao-Heaven was different from the rest and spoiled her entire plans. By the time Meng Hao found Dao-Heaven in the Immortal God Continent, he found that he was almost taken over by the will of Allheaven. He, subsequently, broke the connection and sent Dao-Heaven to the new Mountain and Sea Realm.

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