Dao Fang is one of the three 8 Essence Paragons of the 33 Heavens. His exact background is shrouded in mystery, thus, it is unknown whether he actually hails from one of the former 3000 Lower Realms or somewhere else. Still, his purpose is the same as the 33 Heavens: to restrict and destroy the Mountain and Sea Realm. He has the body of a monkey and uses a staff (think Sun Wukong). He was summoned by the female 8 Essence Paragon after she sacrified 60% of her longevity.

During the two thousand years in which Meng Hao was away from the Mountain and Sea Butterfly, Dao Fang received extensive support from the Immortal God Continent and the Devil Realm Continent and managed to reach the 9-Essences realm.

However, even though Dao Fang managed to reach the 9-Essences realm, the dao of the ninth essence was forced upon him and was not his own dao. This made his battle prowess plummet and it would require at least four of him to battle a true 9-Essences Paragon.

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