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Choumen Tai is a recurring character. He was originally from Planet Tiger Cage. The level of his Cultivation base has not been revealed. He says that he is the disciple of The Devil Transcendor.


Book 2

Wounded in battle, he fell to Planet South Heaven in the form of an enormous corpse, which attracted the attention of all the great powers. On one occasion when the discarnate souls of the Black Sieve Sect attempted to pursue Meng Hao, he interfered to protect Meng Hao.

Later, he called out to Meng Hao, who answered his call. He explained his story to Meng Hao and charged him with returning his legacy to his home planet. To help him, he gave three gifts including, information from the Dao Divinity Scripture, something called Immortal Shows the Way, and some Immortal Qi.

Book 6

He contacted Meng Hao when he was forming his immortal meridians, told him that he didn't perish and that it was his clone that fell on planet south heaven then gave him a bit of the starry sky of Pāramitā’s world to form his 120th Immortal meridian and reminded him to come to planet Tiger Cage in the Seventh Mountain and help him revive someone in the future.

Book 8

After the war with the Outsiders of the First Heaven of the 33 Heavens broke out, Meng Hao went to Planet Tiger Cage on the Seventh Mountain and Sea. He went there to fulfill the request Choumen had made to him thousands of years ago regarding passing down his legacy in Planer Tiger Cage. Meng Hao went there and, while trying to open the secret cave Choumen Tai told him about, found that it was very suspicious and was about to stop until Choumen Tai's soul appeared and begged him to continue. He told him that this is necessary to revive his master. In return for Meng Hao helping revive his master, he promised to help Meng Hao turn a Paragon into his own puppet, which is what caused the creation of Paragon Puppet Eegoo.

Book 10

Meng Hao, once again, met Choumen Tai, this time next on the Devil Realm Continent. Choumen Tai confirmed Meng Hao's speculations regarding the puppets of Allheaven and also informed him about the only way to destroy Allheaven, on the behest of The Devil. He then took the Li Clan and left the Vast Expanse.

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