Book 1: Patriarch Reliance

Chapter 1: Scholar Meng Hao

Chapter 2: The Reliance Sect

Chapter 3: Promotion to the Outer Sect

Chapter 4: A Copper Mirror

Chapter 5: This Kid isn’t Bad!

Chapter 6: The Delights of the Copper Mirror

Chapter 7: I Need Spirit Stones!

Chapter 8: Zhao Wugang

Chapter 9: Patience and Frustration

Chapter 10: Wang Tengfei

Chapter 11: Pill Cultivation Workshop Outlet

Chapter 12: Hello, Elder Sister Xu

Chapter 13: Manly Cao Yang

Chapter 14: Threats

Chapter 15: Decisive Attack

Chapter 16: Come!

Chapter 17: I Shall Rely on Myself

Chapter 18: Fatty of the Outer Sect

Chapter 19: The Wind Stirs Again

Chapter 20: Entering the Black Mountain

Chapter 21: Meng Hao, You’re Shameless!

Chapter 22: A Sword Resting in Demonic Python Skin

Chapter 23: An Ancient Beast

Chapter 24: Who Was It?!

Chapter 25: Sovereign of Heaven

Chapter 26: Bewilderment

Chapter 27: The Wind Stirs Again

Chapter 28: Shangguan Xiu

Chapter 29: Inner Sect Training

Chapter 30: Kill Han Zong, Battle Wang Tengfei!

Chapter 31: Fight!

Chapter 32: This Finger Brought me Humiliation, Today, I Cripple it!

Chapter 33: Is This Sword Yours Too?

Chapter 34: Fame from 1,000 Years Ago!

Chapter 35: I’m Not Willing!

Chapter 36: The Perks of the Inner Sect

Chapter 37: Water and Ink in the Evening

Chapter 38: Qi Condensation Manual of the Sublime Spirit Scripture

Chapter 39: Patriarch Reliance!

Chapter 40: Sublime Spirit Scripture

Chapter 41: A Sensation in the State of Zhao!

Chapter 42: Who Dares to Touch Him!?

Chapter 43: The Sole Heir

Chapter 44: The North Sea Reveals the Dao

Chapter 45: A Look Back at the Mortal World After Three Years

Chapter 46: Three Long Spears

Chapter 47: Another Encounter with Shangguan Xiu

Chapter 48: Eccentric Song and Wu Dingqiu 

Chapter 49: Mountain of Trial by Fire

Chapter 50: Iron Spear

Chapter 51: My Treasure Mountain…

Chapter 52: Bumper Crop

Chapter 53: How Will You Repay Me?

Chapter 54: An Old Friend from the Sect

Chapter 55: Overbearing

Chapter 56: Elder Brother Meng, Whether or not You Want to Trade, You Will!

Chapter 57: Was it Worth it?

Chapter 58: This is not its World

Chapter 59: Unable to see Chang’an

Chapter 60: Undispellable Death Qi

Chapter 61: A Shocking Event in the Southern Domain

Chapter 62: One Wave Settles Down

Chapter 63: Another Wave Rises Up!

Chapter 64: A Massacre Cause by a Silver Spear

Chapter 65: Battle at the North Sea

Chapter 66: A Great Kindness!

Chapter 67: The Death of Ding Xin

Chapter 68: Milky Way City

Chapter 69: Young Lord Ding

Chapter 70: Breaking Through to the Ninth Level of Qi Condensation!

Chapter 71: Dong Hu

Chapter 72: A True Man

Chapter 73: Fierce Fighting

Chapter 74: Not Past One Hundred Years

Chapter 75: An Ancient Path Appears Again!

Chapter 76: Beyond Flawlessness

Chapter 77: Lord Revelation

Chapter 78: No Choice but to Believe!

Chapter 79: Kill!

Chapter 80: Meng Hao’s Schemes

Chapter 81: The Patriarch’s Immortal’s Cave

Chapter 82: The Great Art of Demonic Life

Chapter 83: Patriarch, What About Disciple’s Poison…?

Chapter 84: Meng Hao, What Are You Doing?

Chapter 85: Ancient Demon Sealing Jade

Chapter 86: A Demonic Lamp that Separates Heaven and Earth!

Chapter 87: I Shall Reach the Peak of the Thirteenth Level of Qi Concentration!

Chapter 88: Lord Revelation’s True Self

Chapter 89: Guyiding Tri-Rain

Chapter 90: The Great Path of Demon Sealing, a Concept Like a Scripture

Chapter 91: What Goes Around Comes Around

Chapter 92: Exterminate Foundation Establishment!

Chapter 93: Sever the Dao, Change Heaven and Earth, Demonic Will!

Chapter 94: You Really Want Me To Come Out?

Chapter 95: A Rain Shower, a Cold Spell

Book 2: Cutting Into the Southern Domain

Chapter 96: Demonic Jade in a Mountain Valley

Chapter 97: Cultivation Breakthrough in a Mountain Valley

Chapter 98: Valley of the Red Rope

Chapter 99: Foundation Establishment!

Chapter 100: Blade against Flawlessness

Chapter 101: Eighth Generation Demon Sealer

Chapter 102: Eighth Demon Sealing Hex!

Chapter 103: Treasures

Chapter 104: A Great Wind Arises, The Roc Spreads its Wings

Chapter 105: Poison Blossoms in the Right Eye

Chapter 106: The Day the Resurrection Lily Blooms in Seven Colors

Chapter 107: Spring and Autumn tree

Chapter 108: The Secret Struggle Begins

Chapter 109: The Legend of Doom

Chapter 110: Chu Yuyan’s Killing Intent

Chapter 111: The Roc and the Flying Rain-Dragon

Chapter 112: Things Change

Chapter 113: An Altar in a Lake

Chapter 114: Many Thanks, Fellow Daoist Chu

Chapter 115: Do You Want Out?

Chapter 116: Legacy of an Immortal!

Chapter 117: A Tiny Little Punishment

Chapter 118: Without Entering Mount Heaven, Immortal Ascension is Impossible

Chapter 119: The Legacy Shocks the Southern Domain

Chapter 120: The Five Sects and Three Clans of the Southern Domain

Chapter 121: Meng Hao’s Blood Divinity

Chapter 122: Reaching an Agreement

Chapter 123: Converging Sense into the Form

Chapter 124: Breaking Through the Matrix

Chapter 125: This Matrix Was Made for It

Chapter 126: Out of Nowhere

Chapter 127: This is My Promise to You

Chapter 128: Li Daoyi’s Sixth Matrix

Chapter 129: Li Clan Patriarch!

Chapter 130: The Perfect Foundation!!

Chapter 131: I’m Here to Keep My Promise!

Chapter 132: Perfect Dao Pillar!

Chapter 133: Do You Dare?!

Chapter 134: The Eighth Demon Sealing Hex!

Chapter 135: Breaching the Volcano

Chapter 136: Zhou Daya!

Chapter 137: 10th Patriarch of the Wang Clan

Chapter 138: Good Luck Charm

Chapter 139: Thunderclap Leaf

Chapter 140: Don’t You Know the Rules?

Chapter 141: The Cosmetic Cultivation Pill Appears Again

Chapter 142: Black Sieve Sect

Chapter 143: Ghost in the Night

Chapter 144: A Figure in the Crowd

Chapter 145: An Ancient Mountain Path

Chapter 146: This is Ultimate Vexation!

Chapter 147: Looking at Each Other

Chapter 148: Things Are About To Go Down

Chapter 149: Killing Intent!

Chapter 150: Simple and Uncomplicated

Chapter 151: I’ll Do It Myself

Chapter 152: Words Under the Moon With An Old Companion

Chapter 153: Barring the Way

Chapter 154: To Each His Own Path

Chapter 155: The Last Person

Chapter 156: Fear of Meng Hao

Chapter 157: A Cauldron with a Square Exterior!

Chapter 158: Coexist with Ji?!

Chapter 159: Square Without, Round Within; a Trend of the Heavens

Chapter 160: No Meng in the Nine Families

Chapter 161: Ultimate Vexation Appears!

Chapter 162: Crafty Schemes

Chapter 163: Tender Killing

Chapter 164: That Bird’s Qi…

Chapter 165: Sieve Net Thunder Tree!

Chapter 166: Ultimate Vexation Bonds a Master!

Chapter 167: You Know, That’s Immoral…

Chapter 168: The Xiao Clan Gifts the Lake

Interlude 1

Chapter 169: Heavens, You Really Don’t Know?

Chapter 170: Lonely Sang Luo

Chapter 171: Blood Demon Dao Child

Chapter 172: Charging into mid Foundation Establishment!

Chapter 173: Rejected by the Heavens? Plunder!

Chapter 174: Perfect Mid Foundation Establishment!

Chapter 175: Li Shiqi

Chapter 176: Believe Your Granny

Chapter 177: Using its Strength

Chapter 178: An Old Friend

Chapter 179: Sect Brothers

Chapter 180: Shan Ling

Chapter 181: Meeting One’s Match, the General Meets the Genius

Chapter 182: There’s Always a Bird Out There That’s Better Than You

Chapter 183: How Long Since We Saw That Shy Face?

Chapter 184: Seven Exterminations

Chapter 185: Gathering at the Song Clan

Chapter 186: Another Encounter with Wang Tengfei

Chapter 187: Good Old Fatty

Chapter 188: True Love is Priceless

Chapter 189: All the Enemies Arrive

Chapter 190: Respected Senior

Chapter 191: Defeat after Defeat!

Chapter 192: Games with Han Bei

Chapter 193: The Flower Blooms at Dawn!

Chapter 194: Will of the World Tree

Chapter 195: Suppressing Everyone

Chapter 196: Followed by All Eyes

Chapter 197: Sublime Spirit Scripture!

Chapter 198: The Number One Person in Foundation Establishment!

Chapter 199: The Tenth Path!

Chapter 200: Killing Amidst the Night Rain!

Chapter 201: The Dao Child Fights!

Chapter 202: Confrontation of the Peaks!

Chapter 203: I am Strong! I Shall Take My Stand!

Chapter 204: The League of Demon Sealers!

Book 3: The Honor of Violet Fate

Chapter 205: Dispelling Poison with the Cubic Pearl!

Chapter 206: The Huang Clan Five Immortals

Chapter 207: This is a Pretty Nice Immortal’s Cave

Chapter 208: Ask Not The Heavens Regarding Slaying the Flower

Chapter 209: Opportunity for a Secret Meeting

Chapter 210: Joining the Violet Fate Sect

Chapter 211: A Despicable Name

Chapter 212: Nature Talent Appears!

Chapter 213: Violet Fate Celestial Land

Chapter 214: We Finally Meet Again….

Chapter 215: Lift Your Head

Chapter 216: The Meaning of Grandmaster

Chapter 217: Struggling for Plant Mastery

Chapter 218: First Round First Place!

Chapter 219: Not Fair!

Chapter 220: Promotion to Master Alchemist!

Chapter 221: A Newcomer to the Dao of Alchemy

Chapter 222: Signs of Rocking the Violet Fate Sect

Interlude: What Meng Hao Relies On

Chapter 223: How Alchemist Fang Carries Himself

Chapter 224: Medicinal Pills Can Foster Life, Poison Can Exterminate It!

Chapter 225: Rising to the Pinnacle!

Chapter 226: Liu’s Rule!

Chapter 227: Pill Blacklist!

Chapter 228: Falling Leaves are Beautiful; They Only Live One Season

Chapter 229: Because this Will, Can Only Belong to Devils!

Chapter 230: Bury Devils Beneath the Earth Chapter 231: Pill Auction

Chapter 232: Bedevilment Pill!

Chapter 233: The Earth, The Heavens!

Chapter 234: Grandmaster Pill Cauldron

Chapter 235: Apprentice’s Fee

Chapter 236: More Aftershocks

Chapter 237: Meeting Grandmaster Pill Cauldron

Chapter 238: Determined to Prevail!

Chapter 239: Li Fugui – Give Me Face, or Give Me Death!

Chapter 240: Screw This

Chapter 241: Violet Qi from the East

Chapter 242: Alchemy Dao Transmutation Incantation

Chapter 243: I Dare You To Say That Again!

Chapter 244: Debate in the Alchemy Valley

Chapter 245: Back To the Black Sieve Sect

Chapter 246: World Pill Division

Chapter 247: Kill Me!

Chapter 248: The Origin of Time!

Chapter 249: Reconciled

Chapter 250: Giving Birth to the Transformations of the Sun and Moon

Chapter 251: Meng Hao’s Dao of Alchemy!

Chapter 252: Crushing

Chapter 253: Primordial Heavenly Replenishing Pill!

Chapter 254: Thunder Across a Plain

Chapter 255: She Was Floating in the Wind

Chapter 256: Bottom Line

Chapter 257: Soul Refining

Chapter 258: Grand Matriarch Phoenix

Chapter 259: I Want To Watch You Fade Into the Distance

Chapter 260: Five Years Without a Fight!

Chapter 261: The Killing Heart is Still There!

Chapter 262: First Battle with Core Formation!

Chapter 263: Ancient Dao Geyser

Chapter 264: A Shout Like a Clap of Thunder

Chapter 265: Out of Seclusion!

Chapter 266: The Faceless Azure Hero!

Chapter 267: Black Lands Cultivators

Chapter 268: The Height of the Heavens and the Depth of the Earth

Chapter 269: He’s the Faceless Azure Hero!

Chapter 270: Battling Core Formation!

Chapter 271: Soul Emergence Sword, Slay the Lone Star!

Chapter 272: Massive Cultivation Base Breakthrough!

Chapter 273: Tenth Dao Pillar, Form!

Chapter 274: The Flag Flies; Destroy the Three Incarnations!

Chapter 275: The Difference Between Meng Hao and Fang Mu!

Chapter 276: Stop Fooling Around

Chapter 277: Eastern Emergence Mountain

Chapter 278: The Tenth Candidate

Chapter 279: Opening the Pill Furnace

Chapter 280: Life Furnace?

Chapter 281: Die Rather Than Submit!

Chapter 282: The First Region

Chapter 283: Goofing Off

Chapter 284: Three People; Three Daos of Alchemy

Chapter 285: Who is the Strongest?


Chapter 286: The Most Powerful!

Chapter 287: Creating Something out of Nothing

Chapter 288: Peach Blossom

Chapter 289: Which Path to Choose?

Chapter 290: This Life

Chapter 291: A Thousand Pills Form a Cauldron!

Chapter 292: Pill Cauldron Fang Mu

Chapter 293: Legacy Apprentice

Chapter 294: Complete Legacy!

Chapter 295: Green Mark

Chapter 296: Another Encounter with… Ji!

Chapter 297: Still Somewhat Pleased With Himself

Chapter 298: The Corpse Moved!

Chapter 299: Destroying Totems in the Maze

Chapter 300: An Ancient Starry Sky

Chapter 301: Immortal Shows the Way

Chapter 302: Crisis!

Chapter 303: The Bloodline of the Ji Clan

Chapter 304: Core Formation!!

Chapter 305: Do You Dare to Kill Me!?

Chapter 306: Slaying Ji!

Chapter 307: Fang Mu is Meng Hao!

Chapter 308: I’m His Master!

Chapter 309: Another Wave Rises

Chapter 310: Blazing as Brilliantly as Ever!

Chapter 311: Now That is a Cultivator!

Chapter 312: Because This Person, Is Filled With Insanity!

Chapter 313: She’s… an Immortal!

Book 4: Five Color Paragon!

Chapter 314: The Art of Righteous Bestowal

Chapter 315: The Immortal’s Cave of Huang Daxian

Chapter 316: Meng Hao’s Virtue

Chapter 317: I am an Ancient Celestial Bird!

Chapter 318: Have Faith in the Lord Fifth, Gain Eternal Life!

Chapter 319: A Booming Voice from the Rubble

Chapter 320: Igniting the Alchemic Flame

Chapter 321: Cover Over Li With the Heavens!

Chapter 322: Ji Clan Bag of Holding

Chapter 323: Goddess Duo Lan

Chapter 324: The Cutting Edge of the Black Lands

Chapter 325: Tribulation Transcending Miraculous Life Form!

Chapter 326: I Haven’t Tried That Out Before!

Chapter 327: Angry Dongluo Ling!

Chapter 328: Establishing Strength!

Chapter 329: Lord Fifth Flies Into a Rage

Chapter 330: I’ll Marry Anyone But You!

Chapter 331: Just Steal It!

Chapter 332: The Great Con

Chapter 333: Conning the Whole Way

Chapter 334: Celestial Spell Formation

Chapter 335: Valiant!

Chapter 336: League of Hellfire!

Chapter 337: Perfect Gold Core Pill

Chapter 338: Perfect Immortal Body!

Chapter 339: Vengeance To Be Had!

Chapter 340: One Qi, Three Bodies

Chapter 341: Chase Big-Head to the Death!

Chapter 342: Patriarch Golden Light!

Chapter 343: Rent by Lightning!

Chapter 344: The Great Church of the Golden Light!

Chapter 345: Lotus Sword Formation!

Chapter 346: Who The Hell Are You?!

Chapter 347: The Magical Fog Becomes a Sea!

Chapter 348: Assault on Dongluo City

Chapter 349: Killing With Poison of Time!

Chapter 350: The Indomitability of Time

Chapter 351: Peacock Screwing City

Chapter 352: Chaos in the Black Lands!

Chapter 353: Grand Dragoneer!

Chapter 354: Hanxue Shan

Chapter 355: Flying Rain-Dragon Up Above!

Chapter 356: How Unforeseen….

Chapter 357: Proud Sir Zhou

Chapter 358: The Renown of Pill Cauldron

Chapter 359: Zhou Dekun and Meng Hao

Chapter 360: Zhou Dekun’s Treasured Pill

Chapter 361: A Tiny Favor

Chapter 362: Still Won’t Believe

Chapter 363: A First Glimpse at the Five Elements

Chapter 364: The Last Main Ingredient!

Chapter 365: A Grand Scam

Chapter 366: The Path of Five Colors

Chapter 367: Meng, You Twerp, Do You Dare To Fight Me Or Not?!

Chapter 368: Secret Dragoneer Technique

Chapter 369: Thorn Rampart

Chapter 370: Spirit Severing Pill

Chapter 371: Concocting a Nascent Soul like Concocting Pills!

Chapter 372: Did You Forget?

Chapter 373: How Could It Be Him!?

Chapter 374: Spirit Severing Descends

Chapter 375: Incredible Luck!

Chapter 376: Branding!

Chapter 377: Agarwood!!

Chapter 378: Exterminate the Spirit!

Chapter 379: Offers

Chapter 380: Eyeless Larva!

Chapter 381: Whenever It Snows, Think of Me!

Chapter 382: Eyeless But Not Voiceless!

Chapter 383: An Eternal Breath

Chapter 384: MY Gold Core Tribulation!

Chapter 385: Bring It On!

Chapter 386: Five Colored Sky, Cultivation Base Breakthrough!

Chapter 387: The Ninth Generation Demon Sealer’s First Sealing of the Heavens!

Chapter 388: Breaking Out of The Cocoon

Chapter 389: Appointment With Yan Song

Chapter 390: The Five Tribes of the Crow Divinity

Chapter 391: Initial Entry into the Crow Scout Tribe

Chapter 392: The Great War of the Crow Divinity

Chapter 393: The Path of the Dragoneer

Chapter 394: The Demon Nurturing Pill Causes a Furor!

Chapter 395: Really Set Something Off….

Chapter 396: A Real Demon Nurturing Pill!

Chapter 397: Wu Chen

Chapter 398: Branch of the Demon Sealers

Chapter 399: Senior, Save Me

Chapter 400: Neo-Demon Duel

Chapter 401: Same Level Fatality!

Chapter 402: You Predicted That Too?

Chapter 403: My Pill….

Chapter 404: Shamed Into Rage

Chapter 405: White Wolf!

Chapter 406: The Third Wooden Sword!

Chapter 407: Fifth Generation Demon Sealer!

Chapter 408: Greenwood Tree Totem!

Chapter 409: I Really Haven’t Tried This Before!

Chapter 410: Naive Earth Priest

Chapter 411: Rank 7 Mo Zi

Chapter 412: My Master is Gu La

Chapter 413: Meat….

Chapter 414: Master, Save Me!

Chapter 415: Grandmaster Gu La

Chapter 416: Conning Master….

Chapter 417: The Resurrection Lily Suddenly Makes a Move!

Chapter 418: Pool of Destiny

Chapter 419: Outtie

Chapter 420: Break those Fangs!

Chapter 421: THAT Fishing Line!

Chapter 422: Karmic Annihilation

Chapter 423: A Fortunate Chance

Chapter 424: See the title after

Chapter 425: The Severing Cannot Continue!

Chapter 426: Just This Once!

Chapter 427: Greenwood Tree Ancestor Awakening!

Chapter 428: A World that Supersedes

Chapter 429: The Golden Crow and the Great Tree

Chapter 430: Battling the Nascent Soul Stage

Chapter 431: Prelude to a Funeral

Chapter 432: Because of Meeting You….

Chapter 433: Enemies Approach

Chapter 434: Eyes Open!

Chapter 435: Big Hairy Tattles!

Chapter 436: Good Faith

Chapter 437: Bridge of Immortal Treading!

Chapter 438: Zhao Youlan

Chapter 439: Exotic Heartdevil Flower!

Chapter 440: Tragic!

Chapter 441: Execution!

Chapter 442: A Figure Leaping, Sailing Over Three Thousand Cultivators!

Chapter 443: Soul-stirring!

Chapter 444: Funeral Dirge

Chapter 445: A Drop of Violet Rain!

Chapter 446: Totem Perishing!

Chapter 447: New Totem!!

Chapter 448: East Pill Everburning Flame!

Chapter 449: Nascent Soul Slaying!

Chapter 450: Downpour of Violet Rain!

Chapter 451: Western Desert Apocalypse!!

Chapter 452: Hope

Chapter 453: Bridge of Immortality!

Chapter 454: Demoness Zhixiang

Chapter 455: Step on the Stone, Enter the Void

Chapter 456: Changes of the Lotus!

Chapter 457: Yi Chenzi

Chapter 458: A Faint Sound!

Chapter 459: Eccentric Bloodface

Chapter 460: Azure-robed Han Shan!

Chapter 461: Encountering Zhao Youlan Again!

Chapter 462: Demoness Zhixiang!

Chapter 463: Little Darling

Chapter 464: Pinkie Finger!

Chapter 465: A Demon Spirit Appears!

Chapter 466: The Agarwood Appears Again to Wrest Away the Demon Spirit!

Chapter 467: Soil Vortex!

Chapter 468: Thirty Thousand Worlds

Chapter 469: The Depths of the Bridge Ruins

Chapter 470: Violent Changes!

Chapter 471: Frost Soil Demon Emperor

Chapter 472: The Soul of the Bridge of Immortal Treading!

Chapter 473: Frost Soil Success!

Chapter 474: Therefore, You Picked the North

Chapter 475: Return

Chapter 476: How Could You Be Here!?

Chapter 477: Moon….

Chapter 478: Soulsearch

Chapter 479: Seeking to Perish

Chapter 480: A Massive Defeat for the Eternal Universe Tribe!

Chapter 481: An Old Enemy

Chapter 482: Blood of the Ji Clan!

Chapter 483: I Shall Seal Death!

Chapter 484: Fuse the Blood of Ji!

Chapter 485: Blood Clone is Born!

Chapter 486: Leave None Alive!

Chapter 487: Five Poisons Tribe Extermination

Chapter 488: Entering the Central Region

Chapter 489: Eight Branch Alliance

Chapter 490: Underground!

Chapter 491: A Familiar Vortex

Chapter 492: I’ll Be Back!

Chapter 493: I Will Give You War!

Chapter 494: I am Lonelytomb

Chapter 495: An Ancient Scripture Seals a Devil!

Chapter 496: Dost Thou Dare!?!?

Chapter 497: Devil Weapon!

Chapter 498: Absorbing the Eight Branches

Chapter 499: An Old Friend

Chapter 500: The Sky is Dark!

Chapter 501: I’ll Escort You 500 Kilometers, Sir

Chapter 502: Flying Locust Tribe

Chapter 503: Choices

Chapter 504: South Cleaving Pass

Chapter 505: Do You Dare to Attack?!

Chapter 506: South Cleaving Sentinel!

Chapter 507: Black Dragon Tribe!

Chapter 508: A Bet

Chapter 509: Laying Eyes on the Black Lands!

Chapter 510: The Last Battle!

Chapter 511: The Spell Formation is Seen Again!

Chapter 512: 800,000 neo-demons!

Chapter 513: Blood Totem!

Chapter 514: Five Elements Temporarily Combine!

Chapter 515: An Initial Understanding of Karma

Chapter 516: Without Severing the Spirit, How Could You Live Past 1,000?

Chapter 517: Valiant Zhixiang

Chapter 518: Sinking to the Heart of the Violet Sea

Chapter 519: Within the Sea, Time is Forgotten

Chapter 520: Endless Cold Knows No Years

Chapter 521: When the Tear Fell Into the Sea

Chapter 522: Five-Colored Nascent Soul

Chapter 523: Sixth Nascent Soul!

Chapter 524: Five Colored Resurrection Lily!

Chapter 525: Heavenly Tribulation, I Haven’t Seen You For Ages!

Chapter 526: The Sixth Anima Rocks Heavenly Tribulation

Chapter 527: Seventh Anima!!

Chapter 528: I Saw the Nightmare

Chapter 529: Seeking Death Repeatedly

Chapter 530: Slaughter!

Chapter 531: Karma Threads!

Chapter 532: The Death of Huyan Qing!

Chapter 533: Chase and Kill!

Chapter 534: Who’s the Fisherman Now?!

Chapter 535: Will of a True Spirit!

Chapter 536: Everything had Changed!

Chapter 537: Awaken, Mastiff!

Chapter 538: Blood Mastiff Dao Protector!

Chapter 539: Slaughtering the Outposts

Chapter 540: Patriarch Huyan!

Chapter 541: Battle!

Chapter 542: Clever Mastiff!

Chapter 543: Seizing Treasures!

Chapter 544: The Dao of Emotion Severing

Chapter 545: The Most Powerful!

Chapter 546: The Patriarch Goes All Out!

Chapter 547: Sealing Spirit Severing!

Chapter 548: Return to the Black Lands

Chapter 549: I’ve Returned!

Chapter 550: Breaking the Formation!

Chapter 551: Dead End!

Chapter 552: Why Haven’t You Come!?

Chapter 553: Lord Fifth Lives for a Dream of Love!

Chapter 554: Huyan’s True Self!

Chapter 555: Who is HE?

Chapter 556: Shaking Huyan!

Chapter 557: Seizing More Spirit Severing Treasures

Chapter 558: Heads! (April Fools Chapter)

Chapter 558: In One Thousand Years, One Person Can Reach Immortal Ascension

Chapter 559: So We Meet Again…. Ah, Karma!

Chapter 560: Ancient Demon Immortal Sect!

Chapter 561: The Old Friend He Least Wanted to Run Into

Chapter 562: Call Me Big Sis!

Chapter 563: The Extraordinary Ancient Demon Immortal Sect!

Chapter 564: Where Good Fortune Lay

Chapter 565: Meeting an Old Friend

Chapter 566: That is… Xu Qing!

Chapter 567: Ke Jiusi

Chapter 568: Think Three Times Before You Act….

Chapter 569: Ke Yunhai

Chapter 570: Killing a Son of Ji

Chapter 571: Still Won’t Cry Out?!

Chapter 572: The Legacy of Lord Li

Chapter 573: Her Name is Xu Qing

Chapter 574: Our Agreement

Chapter 575: Long Time No See

Chapter 576: Limitless Possibilities!

Chapter 577: Silkpants Demon Entente

Chapter 578: Dad….

Chapter 579: To Get the Mountain and Sea Scripture, You Must Have a Demon Immortal Body!

Chapter 580: The Path of Good Fortune

Chapter 581: Seed of Daoist Magic

Chapter 582 and 583: Twelve Words

Chapter 584: Withering Flame Demon Magic True Self Dao

Chapter 585: The Voice of Lord Li

Chapter 586: I’ll Take You the Rest of the Way

Chapter 587: Why Are You Doing This?

Chapter 588: This Life Will Do

Chapter 589: An Ancient Tale

Chapter 590: He Definitely….

Chapter 591: Demon Immortal Cistern

Chapter 592: Slaying Immortals Wouldn’t Be Difficult

Chapter 593: Meeting South Heaven!

Chapter 594: Pain in the Whole Body

Chapter 595: The Love of a Father is Like a Mountain!

Chapter 596: The Oil was Exhausted and the Lamp was Dry

Chapter 597: I’ll Make You Proud, Sir

Chapter 598: The Third Plane

Chapter 599: Sword Tip!

Chapter 600: True Spirit——Night!

Chapter 601: Generous Zhixiang!

Chapter 602: Good Fortune!

Chapter 603: Eighth Nascent Soul!

Chapter 604: Like Splitting Bamboo

Chapter 605: Momentum Like a Beam of Light

Chapter 606: Eighth Anima!

Chapter 607: You’re All Here, Huh?

Chapter 608: You Hurt Me

Chapter 609: Three-eyed Concubine

Chapter 610: Injured Lord Fifth

Chapter 611: Fellow Daoists, Allow Me to Say Something

Chapter 612: The Gentleman Loves Money

Chapter 613: Fourth Plane!

Chapter 614: Seal

Chapter 615: Speculation and Cooperation

Chapter 616: Demonic Qi Explodes to the Sky!

Chapter 617: Land of the Three Saints

Chapter 618: Mountain and Sea Mirror!

Chapter 619: Night Awakens!

Chapter 620: Night’s Head!

Chapter 621: He’s My Little Brother

Chapter 622: Three Mountains, Nine Bows

Chapter 623: Sky, ten. Meng Hao, seven!

Chapter 624: Lofty Aspirations!

Chapter 625: I Am Still Searching!

Chapter 626: Ninth Nascent Soul, Demon Nascent Soul!

Chapter 627: A True Man!

Chapter 628: The Path of Spirit Severing!

Book 5: Nirvanic Rebirth. Blood Everywhere!

Chapter 629: Return

Chapter 630: 10th Patriarch of the Wang Clan

Chapter 631: False Immortals and True Immortals

Chapter 632: The Milky Way Sea

Chapter 633: Honored Guest

Chapter 634: Who’s Feeling Jumpy?

Chapter 635: Destined To Meet Again

Chapter 636: As Long As You Leave, Anything Is OK!

Chapter 637: The Zhang Clan is Here?!

Chapter 638: Twists and Turns Enrage the Patriarch

Chapter 639: The Superiority of the Patriarch’s Intellect

Chapter 640: I’ll Leave After I Finish Shopping

Chapter 641: Who Would Outdo….

Chapter 642: The Patriarch Flies Into a Rage

Chapter 643: Plundering

Chapter 644: Patriarch, Save Me!

Chapter 645: Shameless Old Turtle!

Chapter 646: I’ll Give You Some Good Fortune!

Chapter 647: Patriarch Meng Hao

Chapter 648: Third Ring Stormwind Divide

Chapter 649: Spirits Hide in the Divide

Chapter 650: How Happy You Are….

Chapter 651: My Dao Is Nigh!

Chapter 652: Underworld Ship

Chapter 653: Demons Stir in the Third Ring

Chapter 654: Lily….

Chapter 655: Hunting Sea Demons

Chapter 656: The Resurrection Lily Makes a Move!

Chapter 657: Saint Sun Soul of the Three Sects

Chapter 658: Hometown Alcohol

Chapter 659: I Struck It Super Rich!

Chapter 660: The Alcohol is Quite Strong

Chapter 661: Seeing Xiaoxiao Again

Chapter 662: Xu Pingping

Chapter 663: Rich and Headstrong!

Chapter 664: War Chariot!

Chapter 665: The Dawn Immortal Once Again

Chapter 666: The Mother of the Resurrection Lily!

Chapter 667: Gamble Royale

Chapter 668: It Feels Great

Chapter 669: You Cheated!

Chapter 670: Crisis Approaches

Chapter 671: Cooperation

Chapter 672: Duplicating the Sword Tip!

Chapter 673: The Call of the Dawn Immortal

Chapter 674: The Wang Patriarch Cometh

Chapter 675: Reverend Silverlamp!

Chapter 676: Spirit Severing – First Severing!

Chapter 677: The Great Dao Resonates!

Chapter 678: Intrepid Meng Hao!

Chapter 679: Battle!

Chapter 680: The True Self Arrives!

Chapter 681: Foundation Seizing Grand Magic

Chapter 682: I Will Become Immortal!

Chapter 683: Henceforth

Chapter 684: On Board

Chapter 685: Traversing the Path

Chapter 686: Homeland

Chapter 687: You Live, I Live

Chapter 688: Together

Chapter 689: Is There Really Such a Thing as Rebirth?

Chapter 690: The Chapter that Never Was!

Chapter 691: Extend the Broken Bridge of Life Force

Chapter 692: A Promise to Keep

Chapter 693: Eternal Stratum!

Chapter 694: He Came!

Chapter 695: Attack the Black Sieve Sect!

Chapter 696: Breaking the Formation

Chapter 697: Hundred Thousand Mountains!

Chapter 698: Deranged

Chapter 699: Sieve Yin Sect

Chapter 700: True Patriarch Six-Daos

Chapter 701: Blood Prince of the Blood Demon Sect

Chapter 702: Violet East’s Dao Seeking!

Chapter 703: Heart of the Blood Demon

Chapter 704: Blood Demon Grand Magic

Chapter 705: A Test!

Chapter 706: Kill!

Chapter 707: Subduing!

Chapter 708: Sever the Devilish, Seek the Dao!

Chapter 709: Blood Demon Grand Magic!

Chapter 710: Xu Qing Awakens

Chapter 711: Ancient Dao Lakes

Chapter 712: Gathering at the Dao Lakes!

Chapter 713: Dao Lake Eruption

Chapter 714: Teleportation Cycle

Chapter 715: Crushing Spirit Severing!

Chapter 716: Overbearing!

Chapter 717: Old Friends Meet by the Dao Lake

Chapter 718: Give Me This Lake!

Chapter 719: Main Lake Eruption!

Chapter 720: Everything Explodes!

Chapter 721: You Must Know Liu Zichuan

Chapter 722: A Second Eruption!

Chapter 723: True Immortal Soul

Chapter 724: Pull Out All the Stops!

Chapter 725: Grab That Soul!

Chapter 726: Trial by Fire!

Chapter 727: Completely Golden!

Chapter 728: Second Level!

Chapter 729: Spirit Meridians Stratum!

Chapter 730: Another Lord Fifth!

Chapter 731: Essence of The Divine Flame!

Chapter 732: The Blood Prince Returns!

Chapter 733: On the Eve of War in the Southern Domain

Chapter 734: Second True Self!

Chapter 735: War!

Chapter 736: Devastating!

Chapter 737: A Leaf!

Chapter 738: A Silhouette Like a Mountain

Chapter 739: Patriarch Fifth Peak!

Chapter 740: Fourth Level of the Blood Demon Grand Magic!

Chapter 741: Clone of the Dawn Immortal!

Chapter 742: Time To Come Home, Darling

Chapter 743: Call Out To It! Does It Answer?

Chapter 744: Arise, Second True Self!

Chapter 745: Peak!

Chapter 746: False Immortal’s Soul

Chapter 747: Decisive Battle!

Chapter 748: Blood Demon’s True Self!

Chapter 749: Emperor Black Sieve!

Chapter 750: Severing Karma

Chapter 751: Returning to the Blessed Land

Chapter 752: Dao Seeking Fleshly Body!

Chapter 753: Destination – Solitary Sword Sect!

Chapter 754: The Tale of Chen Fan

Chapter 755: I Pray That You Find Happiness

Chapter 756: Crazy Fatty!

Chapter 757: Calamity for the Li Clan!

Chapter 758:

Chapter 759: The Northern Reaches Mobilizes

Chapter 760: Your Mother Was Here

Chapter 761: An Old Friend….

Chapter 762: 10th Patriarch

Chapter 763: The Deepest Love

Chapter 764: The Wedding Stirs the Southern Domain

Chapter 765: Seventh Year Tribulation!

Chapter 766: Grand Wedding!

Chapter 767: The Northern Reaches Invades!

Chapter 768: Hellwither Nineruins

Chapter 769: The Power of the Curse!

Chapter 770: That Laughter….

Chapter 771: Let Me Rest a Bit

Chapter 772: No Regret Regarding the Grand Wedding!

Chapter 773: Xu Qing Enters Reincarnation

Chapter 774: Dao Seeking Felled!

Chapter 775: FIGHT!

Chapter 776: Fifth Level of the Blood Demon Grand Magic!

Chapter 777: Dawn Immortal, Do You Dare To Fight Me?!

Chapter 778: Decisive Battle with the Dawn Immortal!

Chapter 779: The Northern Reaches Routed!

Chapter 780: Slaughtering an Underworld Judge

Chapter 781: Meng Hao Awakens!

Chapter 782: Three Swords Sweep Across the Eastern Lands!

Chapter 783: Overwhelming

Chapter 784: The Final Battle!

Chapter 785: The Battle Begins!

Chapter 786: Slaying Wraiths!

Chapter 787: The Rise of a Blazing Sun!

Chapter 788: Suppression!

Chapter 789: A Huge Crisis!

Chapter 790: He Once Said….

Chapter 791: Great Dao Resonance!

Chapter 792: The Dao Becomes a Mist; the Mist Becomes a Blade!

Chapter 793: Sever the Devil, Seek the Dao!

Chapter 794: Invincible Meng Hao!

Chapter 795: Half a Step Into Immortality!

Chapter 796: Putting the North in its Place

Chapter 797: Reuniting….

Chapter 798: Father Makes a Laughingstock of South Heaven

Chapter 799: Born On East Victory!

Chapter 800: Seventh Year Tribulation!

Book 6: Fame That Rocks the Ninth Mountain; the Path to True Immortality

Chapter 801: We Will Meet Again!

Chapter 802: Immortal Ancient Dao Medallion!

Chapter 803: Going to the Ji Clan to Collect Debts

Chapter 804: Debts Must Be Repaid!

Chapter 805: We’ll Pay You Back!

Chapter 806: The Wind Stirs in the Ninth Mountain and Sea!

Chapter 807: Ancient Immortal Daoist Rite Temple!

Chapter 808: Projections Passing Down Daos!

Chapter 809: Immortal Ancient Dao Meridian!

Chapter 810: Two Restrictions!

Chapter 811: I’ve Been Waiting!

Chapter 812: I’m the Groundskeeper

Chapter 813: Inky and Lily

Chapter 814: Call Me Meng Hao!

Chapter 815: Fan Dong’er

Chapter 816: Battling the Goddess

Chapter 817: Here You Go, Inky!

Chapter 818: Changing Fate!

Chapter 819: A Flickering Vision of Ancient Times

Chapter 820: Who’s Trying to Steal My Business?

Chapter 821: Mopping Up Li Ling’er!

Chapter 822: From Now On, Call Me Lil’ Hai!

Chapter 823: Ambush!

Chapter 824: Wrecking the Ambush

Chapter 825: Zhixiang Pays Her Debt!

Chapter 826: !

Chapter 827: Never Too Late for Revenge!

Chapter 828: Invincible!

Chapter 829: Severing Versus Hexing!

Chapter 830: Evacuation!

Chapter 831: The Grownups Arrive….

Chapter 832: Everyone Is Released

Chapter 833: An Amateurish Seduction Con

Chapter 834: Take A Look and See Who I Am

Chapter 835: Pill Demon’s Tribulation

Chapter 836: The Door of Immortality Descends

Chapter 837: Mistaken? I’ll Still Do as I Said!

Chapter 838: So, You Are a Thief Too!

Chapter 839: True Immortality is a Challenge!

Chapter 840: The Path Ahead Lies In The Stars, Not On This Planet

Chapter 841: The Ancient Road of Trial by Fire is Opened!

Chapter 842: Just a Misunderstanding….

Chapter 843: Fight For Supremacy, the Entire Way!

Chapter 844: First Place in the First Stage!

Chapter 845: Rising Star!

Chapter 846: Fastest!

Chapter 847: Talent. Cultivation. Age.

Chapter 848: Senior, Bring Another!

Chapter 849: Creativity

Chapter 850: Can the Leopard Change its Spots?

Chapter 851: Loyal Personality

Chapter 852: Flowers in Full Bloom

Chapter 853: Nine Bridges!

Chapter 854: Secret Clues!

Chapter 855: A Writ of Karma!

Chapter 856: Paragon Bridge

Chapter 857: Warrior Pavilion!

Chapter 858: The Last Time!

Chapter 859: The Final Two Stages

Chapter 860: The Heart is Strong, the Dao is Unyielding!

Chapter 861: First Place!

Chapter 862: Provocation!

Chapter 863: Pill Delivery Service!

Chapter 864: The Real Ruins of Immortality!

Chapter 865: Sixth Demon Sealing Hex!

Chapter 866: I Am a God!

Chapter 867: One Punch!

Chapter 868: Junior Blood Immortal!

Chapter 869: Top 32!

Chapter 870: The Fiends Descend!

Chapter 871: Invincible Power!

Chapter 872: She Appears!

Chapter 873: She’s a Paragon!

Chapter 874: Semifinals!

Chapter 875: Domineering!

Chapter 876: Four Battles, Four Victories!

Chapter 877: Unleashed!

Chapter 878: Eclipsing Everything

Chapter 879: Peak Battle!

Chapter 880: Shocking Transformations!

Chapter 881: Sixth Demon Sealing Hex!

Chapter 882: 13th in the Echelon!

Chapter 883: Snatching Food From the Tiger’s Mouth!

Chapter 884: Family Reunion

Chapter 885: Revisiting Old Haunts

Chapter 886: Another Challenge at the Dao Lakes!

Chapter 887: The Essence of Divine Flame!

Chapter 888: Let Them Fly On Their Own!

Chapter 889: Killing Intent Lurking Everywhere!

Chapter 890: Battling Formidable Opponents!

Chapter 891: Divine Flame Incinerates Immortals!

Chapter 892: East Heaven Gate

Chapter 893: Might As Well Make a Scene!

Chapter 894: His Bloodline Shakes the Clan!

Chapter 895: He’s… Back!

Chapter 896: The Fang Clan of Planet East Victory!

Chapter 897: Fang Wei!

Chapter 898: Do You Want to Die?!

Chapter 899: Difficult To Distinguish Between Enmity and Benevolence

Chapter 900: Third Grandpa

Chapter 901: A Thorough Investigation

Chapter 902: The Fang Clan’s Dao of Alchemy

Chapter 903: A Brief Glimpse of Cutting Edge Talent

Chapter 904: Now Let’s Throw Down

Chapter 905: Plant and Vegetation Throwdown!

Chapter 906: The First Waves

Chapter 907: I Definitely Don’t Want It!

Chapter 908: Medicine Pavilion

Chapter 909: Cheating!

Chapter 910: Rocking the Pavilion

Chapter 911: Changes in the Dao of Alchemy Division

Chapter 912: Hardships Prompt Changes!

Chapter 913: Changes Bring Solutions!

Chapter 914: First in Level After Level

Chapter 915: Striving for the Pinnacle of Perfection

Chapter 916: Lotuses With Each Step!

Chapter 917: Climbing Higher!

Chapter 918: Boundless Dao of Alchemy!

Chapter 919: Provocation

Chapter 920: An Exception!

Chapter 921: Objectives

Chapter 922: The Sound of a Drum in the Pill Pavilion!

Chapter 923: Meng Hao Concocts Pills!

Chapter 924: Skypalace Sunspirit Pill

Chapter 925: Future Brother-In-Law?

Chapter 926: Daos and Tools!

Chapter 927: The Shore of Brightmoon Lake

Chapter 928: You Stick With Me!

Chapter 929: Momentum

Chapter 930: I’ve Missed All of You!

Chapter 931: Her Name is Fang Yu!

Chapter 932: The Sun Rises!

Chapter 933: Struggling for Supremacy!

Chapter 934: Neck and Neck

Chapter 935: My Nirvana Fruits!

Chapter 936: Meng Hao vs. Fang Wei

Chapter 937: One Punch!

Chapter 938: Rise of a Blazing Sun

Chapter 939: True Saint Fleshly Body

Chapter 940: The End of the Sky

Chapter 941: Ten Breaths of Time With the Sun!

Chapter 942: Third Divine Ability!

Chapter 943: Killing Intent Approaches!

Chapter 944: The Grand Elder’s Stance

Chapter 945: Meng Hao’s Tears

Chapter 946: A Certain Object, a Certain Person

Chapter 947: Quasi-Dao Paragons

Chapter 948: Terrifying

Chapter 949: Perilous Ancestral Land

Chapter 950: Scraping It Clean

Chapter 951: Demon Sealers Appear Again!

Chapter 952: Nine Nethermountains

Chapter 953: Getting the Hang of the Sixth Hex

Chapter 954: Sun and Moon in the Nine Nethermountains!

Chapter 955: Fifth Demon Sealing Hex

Chapter 956: A Struggle of Generations!

Chapter 957: Inner Devils of the Chosen!

Chapter 958: Strolling Through the Immortal Kingdom!

Chapter 959: A Lamp!

Chapter 960: Whose Soul Lamp Is It!?

Chapter 961: Necropolis

Chapter 962: The Number One Person of Immortal Destiny!

Chapter 963: Fang Hao, Come Out and Fight!

Chapter 964: We’re Waiting!

Chapter 965: The Ancestral Land Opens!

Chapter 966: Storm Winds Gather!

Chapter 967: Paragon Immortal Tribulation

Chapter 968: Transcending Tribulation!

Chapter 969: 30,000-meter Dharma Idol!

Chapter 970: Paragon Immortal Palaces!

Chapter 971: I am Fang Mu!

Chapter 972: Barrage on the Door of Immortality

Chapter 973: Opening the Immortal Meridians

Chapter 974: More than 100 Meridians!

Chapter 975: Blood Demon and Resurrection Lily!

Chapter 976: Dao Corroboration!

Chapter 977: Demon Sealer Meridians!

Chapter 978: An Immortal Flying Through the Sky!

Chapter 979: An Eruption of Good Fortune!

Chapter 980: Foster Father Sends a Meridian!

Chapter 981: Illusory Soul Lamps!

Chapter 982: Xu Qing’s Good Fortune!

Chapter 983: The Great Circle of the Immortal Realm!

Chapter 984: 33 Heavens!

Chapter 985: Fight!

Chapter 986: Six Experts vs. Meng Hao!

Chapter 987: Meng Hao’s Ambition!

Chapter 988: Wanna Get Married, Wifey?!

Chapter 989: That Same Feeling!

Chapter 990: Gods vs. Immortals!

Chapter 991: Fang Wei vs. Meng Hao!

Chapter 992: I Haven’t Lost Yet!

Chapter 993: Upheaval in the Fang Clan!

Chapter 994: The Clan in Chaos!

Chapter 995: The Ji Clan Makes a Move!

Chapter 996: The Battle Resumes!

Chapter 997: Fang Xiushan… DIE!

Chapter 998: The Fall of Fang Wei!

Chapter 999: The Terracotta Soldier Arrives!

Chapter 1000: The Fang Clan’s Second Dao Realm Expert!

Chapter 1001:The Ji Clan’s Last Secret Weapon!

Chapter 1002: Who Are You!?

Chapter 1003: First Generation Patriarch!

Chapter 1004: The Fang Clan!

Book 7: Immortal Ancient Builds a Bridge Leaving the Ninth Mountain!

Chapter 1005: Hope Regarding the Ancient Realm!

Chapter 1006: The Sword and the Shield of this Generation!

Chapter 1007: The Old Fox vs. the Fox Cub!

Chapter 1008: Why The Echelon Exists!

Chapter 1009: I’m Already Married!

Chapter 1010: A Wager!

Chapter 1011: Challenging the Medicine Pavilion Again!

Chapter 1012: Opening the Essence Door

Chapter 1013: Planning to Escape the Marriage!

Chapter 1014: Sea Cleaving Heaven Defying Pill

Chapter 1015: Heavenly One Thought!

Chapter 1016: Old Turtle Reliance!

Chapter 1017: Pursued All The Way Out of Planet East Victory

Chapter 1018: Handling Old Turtle Reliance!

Chapter 1019: The Hunting of Li Ling’er!

Chapter 1020: Brushing Past!

Chapter 1021: Pursued into the Ruins of Immortality!

Chapter 1022: Pipe Down!

Chapter 1023: The Mountain and Sea Realm Alliance!

Chapter 1024: A Paragon Slaughters a Dao Protector!

Chapter 1025: Soulsearching Yi Fazi

Chapter 1026: 33 Realms; Mountain and Sea Tribulation!

Chapter 1027: Stirring Up a Sea of Insects!

Chapter 1028: Stealing My Business?!?!

Chapter 1029: You’re the Insect Demon!

Chapter 1030: Su Yan!

Chapter 1031: Trying to Control the Black Beetles

Chapter 1032: Chasing Down Su Yan!

Chapter 1033: The Might of the Echelon!

Chapter 1034: We’re Not Suited

Chapter 1035: The Meat Jelly was the Lightning Emperor?

Chapter 1036: Nine Seas God World!

Chapter 1037: Hostility!

Chapter 1038: I Promise Not to Kill You!

Chapter 1039: I Have Proof!

Chapter 1040: Don’t Provoke Me!

Chapter 1041: The Origin

Chapter 1042: Trial by Fire of the Windswept Realm

Chapter 1043: The Answer!

Chapter 1044: Initial Absorption of Paragon Blood!

Chapter 1045: ROCKED!

Chapter 1046: An Iron Chicken That Can Also Pluck Feathers!

Chapter 1047: Magic Pod Soldiers!

Chapter 1048: A Wager!

Chapter 1049: The Ninth Golden Door!

Chapter 1050: Celestial Warrior!

Chapter 1051: Top 10!

Chapter 1052: Passing on Body Cultivation Techniques

Chapter 1053: Demonic Provocation!

Chapter 1054: Little Haowie Needs To Be a Good Boy

Chapter 1055: Which Paragon Did This Blood Come From!?

Chapter 1056: The Mountains and Seas are Rocked!

Chapter 1057: Immortal Emperor Meng Hao!

Chapter 1058: The Echelon Reacts!

Chapter 1059: Allheaven Dao Immortal!

Chapter 1060: Threats!

Chapter 1061: I Can’t Hurt You?!

Chapter 1062: Boiling Sea!

Chapter 1063: Paragon Rocks the Might of the Sea!

Chapter 1064: Annihilating the Eight Demons!

Chapter 1065: Towering Killing Intent!

Chapter 1066: Elder Hai Sheng!

Chapter 1067: Deadly Catastrophe!

Chapter 1068: Who Dares to Save Him!?

Chapter 1069: The Ninth Sea is Enraged!

Chapter 1070: Slaughtering a Path Through the Sect

Chapter 1071: Living Shield!

Chapter 1072: The Disgrace of the Body Cultivation World!

Chapter 1073: Allheaven Immortal!

Chapter 1074: Tongue As Sharp As a Sword

Chapter 1075: The Special Fifth Golden Gate

Chapter 1076: Blind!

Chapter 1077: Dao Divinity Scripture!

Chapter 1078: Eight Gates, All Top 10!

Chapter 1079: Omen of the Door of the Ancient Realm

Chapter 1080: Crimson Door of the Ancient Realm

Chapter 1081: Summoning Soul Lamps, Stepping Into the Ancient Realm!

Chapter 1082: The Third Fist Strike!

Chapter 1083: Lord Fifth’s Grand Ambition!

Chapter 1084: The Path to the Windswept Realm!

Chapter 1085: Arriving in the Windswept Realm!

Chapter 1086: Desire in the Windswept Realm!

Chapter 1087: Eradication!

Chapter 1088: The First Death in the Windswept Realm!

Chapter 1089: Who’s Fighting and Who’s Watching?

Chapter 1090: The Echelon’s Declarations of War!

Chapter 1091: The Scheming of Jian Daozi

Chapter 1092: Demon Mantra: Mesmeric Rebuke!

Chapter 1093: His Name Shakes the Echelon!

Chapter 1094: The War of the Nine Nations Begins

Chapter 1095: Loathing Meng Hao!

Chapter 1096: Han Qinglei!

Chapter 1097: Valiant!

Chapter 1098: Blades Clash!

Chapter 1099: Victory!

Chapter 1100: Fate!

Chapter 1101: Slaughtering Into the National Aura Mountain!

Chapter 1102: Han Qinglei’s Plot!

Chapter 1103: The Most Powerful Path of Immortality!

Chapter 1104: Killing You… Will Only Take Seven Steps!

Chapter 1105: What Did You Just Say?!

Chapter 1106: Slaughtering Into the Fourth Nation!

Chapter 1107: Goal: Number One in the Echelon!

Chapter 1108: Entering Allheaven Again!

Chapter 1109: The Echelon War Truly Begins!

Chapter 1110: What Are You Doing!?

Chapter 1111: Fatality!

Chapter 1112: Goodwill!

Chapter 1113: Killing Hai Dongqing Three Times!

Chapter 1114: Thou Shalt Call Me… Dao Fang!

Chapter 1115: Windswept Rebellion!

Chapter 1116: A Meeting in the Sixth Nation!

Chapter 1117: He’s Here!

Chapter 1118: Fighting Dao-Heaven!

Chapter 1119: Hong Bin Dies in Battle!

Chapter 1120: The Light of the Allheaven!

Chapter 1121: The Most Powerful State!

Chapter 1122: I Call Him Slaughter!

Chapter 1123: Dao-Heaven Retreats!

Chapter 1124: For the True Dao!

Chapter 1125: Take Its Place!

Chapter 1126: Hold the Tunnel!

Chapter 1127: You’re Zong Wuya!

Chapter 1128: True Dao?

Chapter 1129: The Blood Mastiff Flies!

Chapter 1130: Muddling the Dao!

Chapter 1131: Xue’er!

Chapter 1132: Shamed Into Rage!

Chapter 1133: What Will You Put Aside?!

Chapter 1134: The Echelon Heart!

Chapter 1135: Leave The Rest To Me!

Chapter 1136: Meng Hao Busts Out!

Chapter 1137: Drastic Upheavals!

Chapter 1138: Obvious Bait!

Chapter 1139: Toxic Qi Flow!?

Chapter 1140: Eternal Allheaven Immortal!

Chapter 1141: The Echelon Fights Meng Hao!

Chapter 1142: Who Requested My Presence?!

Chapter 1143: Echelon Battles!

Chapter 1144: Zong Wuya Makes a Move!

Chapter 1145: When There’s Tasty Bait, the Fishes Bite!

Chapter 1146: What Makes You Think I’ll Give Them To You!?

Chapter 1147: Traitorous Sutra of the Rebel Dao

Chapter 1148: You Killed My Son, Prepare To Die!

Chapter 1149: An Arrow Rocks the Heavens!

Chapter 1150: Allheaven Fang Clan!

Chapter 1151: Questioning Sea Dream!

Chapter 1152: An Act!

Chapter 1153: Too Kind-Hearted, Too Honest!

Chapter 1154: Heavencloud Bazaar

Chapter 1155: Mr. Moneybags!

Chapter 1156: Blood-stained Jade Medallion!

Chapter 1157: I Won’t Buy It!

Chapter 1158: Guru Heavencloud!

Chapter 1159: Forced Backward, Over and Over!

Chapter 1160: The Fang Clan Arrives!

Chapter 1161: The Old Fox

Chapter 1162: Heavencloud Steps into the Dao!

Chapter 1163: Failing To Step Into the Dao!

Chapter 1164: Eternal Patriarch!

Chapter 1165: The Whole Clan Pays Respects!

Chapter 1166: Dad, Mom, Hao’er Has Come Back!

Chapter 1167: Get Back Here, Meng Hao!

Chapter 1168: Settling Karma with Old Friends

Chapter 1169: Returning to the Crow Divinity Tribe!

Chapter 1170: This Place Is My Home

Chapter 1171: I’m Meng Hao!

Chapter 1172: A Sermon On The Dao, By The Sacred Ancient!

Chapter 1173: Another Encounter With Shui Dongliu!

Chapter 1174: Dismemberment by Five Dragons!

Chapter 1175: Channeling the Spark!

Chapter 1176: Great Circle: Fleshly body!!

Chapter 1177: True Dao Immortal!

Chapter 1178: Peak!

Chapter 1179: The Curse of Dao Fang!

Chapter 1180: Most Powerful State!

Chapter 1181: Your Words are Meaningless!

Chapter 1182: Great Tang; Allheaven!

Chapter 1183: Facing Tribulation in a Mysterious Location!

Chapter 1184: Dao Tribulation!

Chapter 1185: Allheaven Tribulation!

Chapter 1186: The Murderous Intentions of the Ninth Lord!

Chapter 1187: Father Achieves the Dao!

Chapter 1188: South Heaven Death Formation!

Chapter 1189: Father Must Not Perish!

Chapter 1190: Grand Ceremony in the Fang Clan!

Chapter 1191: Fighting for Dad!

Chapter 1192: Enigmatic Quasi-Dao Expert!

Chapter 1193: Don’t Dare to Fight?

Chapter 1194: Cutting Them Down!

Chapter 1195: Eighth Life!

Chapter 1196: Taking Away the Terracotta Soldier!

Chapter 1197: Stopping By To Demand Payment!

Chapter 1198: Repay Your Kindness!

Chapter 1199: The Outrage of the Bridge of Immortality!

Chapter 1200: Absorbing the Bridge of Immortal Treading!!

Chapter 1201: Son of the Mountains and Seas!

Chapter 1202: Forever and Ever!

Chapter 1203: Old Friends

Chapter 1204: As Of Now, It’s Called the Paragon Bridge!

Chapter 1205: Slaughter Appears Again!

Chapter 1206: Daoist Magic of Time!

Chapter 1207: Grievous News!

Chapter 1208: Slaying Ji Dongyang Again!

Chapter 1209: Mountains Have No Worries

Chapter 1210: Using Karma to Track the Soul

Chapter 1211: Immortal Ancient Builds a Bridge Leaving the Ninth Mountain!

Book 8: My Mountain and Sea Realm

Chapter 1212: Eighth Mountain and Sea

Chapter 1213: Heavengod Alliance

Chapter 1214: My Name is Meng Hao!

Chapter 1215: Single-handedly Rocking Blacksoul!

Chapter 1216: Fledgling Mountains and Seas!!

Chapter 1217: Patriarch Blacksoul!

Chapter 1218: Mutual Deception!

Chapter 1219: Planet Blacksoul, Crumble!

Chapter 1220: When Rivals Face Off, Victory Goes To the Brave

Chapter 1221: A Scholar Taking the Imperial Examinations

Chapter 1222: Storm Clouds Approach

Chapter 1223: Is This a Dream?

Chapter 1224: Be a Good Kid, My Little Disciple, Don’t Run!

Chapter 1225: Master, Save Me!

Chapter 1226: The Something-something Seal the Heavens Incantation

Chapter 1227: Daoist Priest!

Chapter 1228: Supreme Power!

Chapter 1229: Did I Say You Could Go?

Chapter 1230: Initial Contact with the Meng Clan!

Chapter 1231: Deadly Catastrophe!

Chapter 1232: Essence Stirs Only For the Daosource!

Chapter 1233: Initial Opening of the 33 Hells!

Chapter 1234: Greed Eyes a Body!

Chapter 1235: Counter-Attack!

Chapter 1236: We’re Still Good Friends!

Chapter 1237: Detected!

Chapter 1238: Possessed by Greed!

Chapter 1239: Body Refining!

Chapter 1240: An Incredible Person!

Chapter 1241: Scared Half to Death!

Chapter 1242: Blue Sun!

Chapter 1243: Nine Seals’ Handiwork

Chapter 1244: Meng Hao Awakens!

Chapter 1245: Signs of the Door of the Ancient Realm!

Chapter 1246: Cleanly and Thoroughly!

Chapter 1247: Meng Chen Again

Chapter 1248: Leaving the 33 Hells!

Chapter 1249: I’m Meng Chen!

Chapter 1250: The Way Back

Chapter 1251: The Wind Picks Up….

Chapter 1252: Attack!

Chapter 1253: This is the Meng Clan!

Chapter 1254: Grandma Meng!

Chapter 1255: I’m Here To Defend You!

Chapter 1256: Make a Name!

Chapter 1257: Sermon on the Dao!

Chapter 1258: Exterminating the Xu Clan!

Chapter 1259: Imposing Grandma Meng!

Chapter 1260: What Is The Point… Of Leaving Any Behind!?

Chapter 1261: One Option… Amputate!

Chapter 1262: Activating the Clan Defense Formation

Chapter 1263: Removing Nine Spikes; the Seventh Sea Mobilizes!

Chapter 1264: Just Where Are You…?

Chapter 1265: Comeback

Chapter 1266: Not Strong Enough

Chapter 1267: Together!

Chapter 1268: The Door of the Ancient Realm is Coming!

Chapter 1269: Shocking Tribulation!

Chapter 1270: Weird!

Chapter 1271: Foreigners Invade!

Chapter 1272: Retreat Is Not an Option!

Chapter 1273: Soul Extermination!

Chapter 1274: Opening The Door of the Ancient Realm!

Chapter 1275: Drastic Upheavals in the Meng Clan!

Chapter 1276: Igniting the Soul Lamps!

Chapter 1277: Battling a Dao Sovereign!

Chapter 1278: Essence of Reality!

Chapter 1279: Prime Lamp!

Chapter 1280: Paragon Soul Lamp!

Chapter 1281: Take No Prisoners!

Chapter 1282: Cleansing the Lands With the Fire of War!

Chapter 1283: Marquis Lu!

Chapter 1284: The Power of the Mountain and Sea Realm!

Chapter 1285: The Spell Formation Stirs!

Chapter 1286: Seeing the Meng Clan Off!

Chapter 1287: Outsider!

Chapter 1288: Seizing All Opportunities!

Chapter 1289: Extinguishing the First Lamp!

Chapter 1290: Returning to the Heavengod Alliance

Chapter 1291: Who Said It Was a Worthless Incantation?

Chapter 1292: Are you… My Grandpa Meng?

Chapter 1293: Storm Clouds Approach

Chapter 1294: I’m Waiting For You!

Chapter 1295: The Lord of the Seventh Mountain and Sea Arrives!

Chapter 1296: THAT Spear!

Chapter 1297: An Extraordinary Showdown!

Chapter 1298: Reproaching Seal!

Chapter 1299: Know This: The Mountain and Sea Realm is Mine!

Chapter 1300: A Projection of Dao Fang!

Chapter 1301: Victory!

Chapter 1302: Critical Juncture….

Chapter 1303: Possessing and Consuming!

Chapter 1304: Old Turtle Reliance!

Chapter 1305: Legacy Door!

Chapter 1306: Third Generation Demon Sealer!

Chapter 1307: Hex Enlightenment

Chapter 1308: Searching For The Present Life!

Chapter 1309: Cultivation Base, Erupt!

Chapter 1310: Let Me Help You!

Chapter 1311: Crushing!

Chapter 1312: Lord White Turns Outsider!

Chapter 1313: If You Dare Kill Him, The War Starts!

Chapter 1314: FIGHT!

Chapter 1315: Lord White Falls, The Battle Commences!

Chapter 1316: Outsider Paragon!

Chapter 1317: Killing Intent of a Paragon!

Chapter 1318: Battling a Dao Sovereign!

Chapter 1319: The Reserves of the Mountains and Seas

Chapter 1320: Returning to the 33 Hells!

Chapter 1321: Grandfather and Grandson Reunite!

Chapter 1322: Arriving in the Seventh Mountain!

Chapter 1323: War Requires Spirit!

Chapter 1324: The Agreement of Planet Tiger Cage!

Chapter 1325: Meng Hao’s Heart….

Chapter 1326: Entering the Vale of the Godgrave!

Chapter 1327: Nothing More Than a Demonic Beast!

Chapter 1328: Vale of the Godgrave!

Chapter 1329: Breakthrough!

Chapter 1330: Dao Lord Fleshly Body!

Chapter 1331: God Curse!

Chapter 1332: Extinguishing the Sixth Lamp!

Chapter 1333: Was I So Wrong?

Chapter 1334: Dao Sovereign!

Chapter 1335: Xu Qing, I’m here!

Chapter 1336: Reuniting As Planned

Chapter 1337: Destination: First Heaven!

Chapter 1338: Dao Tribulation Comes!

Chapter 1339: 10,000 Star Detonation!

Chapter 1340: To Exterminate this World!

Chapter 1341: The Dao Sovereign Escapes!

Chapter 1342: Earth Shatters!

Chapter 1343: Heaven Collapses!!

Chapter 1344: Another Encounter With World Essence!

Chapter 1345: Hexing Magic Essence!

Chapter 1346: Essence of Space!

Chapter 1347: A Cold Glow in the Eyes!

Chapter 1348: Enslaving a Paragon!

Chapter 1349: The Unyielding Soul of a Paragon

Chapter 1350: Full Scale Counterattack!

Chapter 1351: The 1st Heaven Acknowledges Allegiance!

Chapter 1352: Crown Prince of the Mountains and Seas!

Chapter 1353: I Demand An Explanation!

Chapter 1354: The 32 Heavens are Coming!

Chapter 1355: Paragon Xuan Fang!

Chapter 1356: Plot To Fragment the Heavens!

Chapter 1357: Throw Myself Out as Bait!

Chapter 1358: Battling Paragon Xuan Fang!

Chapter 1359: Oh So Devious!

Chapter 1360: Six Hexes Combine!

Chapter 1361: Risking It All In Battle!

Chapter 1362: Extinguishing Four Soul Lamps!

Chapter 1363: Sealing a Paragon!

Chapter 1364: Demon and Immortal!

Chapter 1365: The Daoist Societies Make a Move!

Chapter 1366: Advancing the Decisive Battle!

Chapter 1367: No Choice But to Descend!

Chapter 1368: Reversals!

Chapter 1369: Sun, Detonate!

Chapter 1370: Bow In Hand!

Chapter 1371: Paragon in Terror!

Chapter 1372: Mythdragon Perishes!

Chapter 1373: Mountains Crumble, Seas are Destroyed!

Chapter 1374: Returning to the 33 Hells!

Chapter 1375: I’ve Been Waiting!

Chapter 1376: The State of Clear Water….

Chapter 1378: 8-Essences Arrive!

Chapter 1379: Incredible Power

Chapter 1380: Three Scriptures Seal the Almighty!

Chapter 1381: Fierce Killing!

Chapter 1382: Three Scripture Spikes!

Chapter 1383: The Staff of Dao Fang!

Chapter 1384: Driving a Wedge!

Chapter 1385: Life or Death for the People of the Mountains and Seas!

Chapter 1386: Fighting Will Cleaves Heaven and Earth!

Chapter 1387: Planet South Heaven In Peril!

Chapter 1388: We Mountain and Sea Cultivators!

Chapter 1389: Stand Behind Me!

Chapter 1390: Farewell, My Hao’er

Chapter 1391: I Don’t Need Any Of It

Chapter 1392: Happy Now?

Chapter 1393: Guilty Because of the Fang Clan!

Chapter 1394: Slaughter Slashes the Immortal Gods!

Chapter 1395: The Mountains and Seas Erupt!

Chapter 1396: Devil Realm World-Butterfly!

Chapter 1397: I Shall Bestow You With Ultimate Good Fortune!

Chapter 1398: The Starry Sky of the Vast Expanse

Chapter 1399: The Butterfly Flies!

Chapter 1400: Green Coffin Vortex!

Chapter 1401: Wake Up, Wake Up!

Chapter 1402: I Shall Possess the Mountains and Seas!

Chapter 1403: The Supreme Seal the Heavens Incantation!

Chapter 1404: Immortal, God, Demon, Devil, Ghost!

Chapter 1405: Wiping the Paragon Bridge from the Dao!

Chapter 1406: For Hope!

Chapter 1407: How Could I Possibly Close My Eyes!?

Chapter 1408: The Parrot’s Choice!

Chapter 1409: My Mountain and Sea Realm!

Book 9: The Demon Sovereign Returns; the Peak of the Vast Expanse!

Chapter 1410: Bronze Replaces the Heavens

Chapter 1411: The Vast Expanse Bell Heralds the Arrival of a Paragon!

Chapter 1412: Reeling Them In!

Chapter 1413: So, Are You Going To Sell This Corpse?

Chapter 1414: Refining a Paragon Corpse!

Chapter 1415: Vast Expanse Dao Body!

Chapter 1416: Welcoming Light!

Chapter 1417: Who Cares If You Know!?

Chapter 1418: Ninth Paragon!

Chapter 1419: Putting Down Roots!

Chapter 1420: A Direction for Transcendence!

Chapter 1421: Provocation!

Chapter 1422: Leave My Mark!

Chapter 1423: Necropolis Ghost City!

Chapter 1424: The Ghost Masses Offer Worship!

Chapter 1425: Allheaven Fears the Immortal!

Chapter 1426: Bombardment of Killing Intent!

Chapter 1427: All Ye Shall Call Me Allheaven!

Chapter 1428: The Passing of Ages in Frescoes

Chapter 1429: A Deep Look at the Vast Expanse!

Chapter 1430: Crushing the Sixth Paragon!

Chapter 1431: One Flees, Terrified!

Chapter 1432: Transcendence Dais!

Chapter 1433: Killing With Witnesses!

Chapter 1434: Battling Jin Yunshan!

Chapter 1435: Heaven Ripping!

Chapter 1436: Fourth Fist Strike: Devil-Butchering!

Chapter 1437: Sealing the World-Slaughtering Finger!

Chapter 1438: Void Divinity Conversion!

Chapter 1439: The Call of the Emperor

Chapter 1440: The Five Potentates!

Chapter 1441: Transcendence Dais!

Chapter 1442: He Won’t Last Five Days!

Chapter 1443: Difficulty Completing the Ninth Hex!

Chapter 1444: Swear an Oath!

Chapter 1445: One Word!!

Chapter 1446: The Aura of the Copper Mirror!

Chapter 1447: Yeah, I Am!

Chapter 1448: A Year….

Chapter 1449: Haowie

Chapter 1450: Joining the Sect!

Chapter 1451: Han Bei’s Secret!

Chapter 1452: Leverage!

Chapter 1453: Enjoy Yourself, Prince!

Chapter 1454: You Screwed Us Over…

Chapter 1455: The Ninth Paragon Arrives!

Chapter 1456: Who Else?

Chapter 1457: Vast Expanse Shrine!

Chapter 1458: The Long and Broad

Chapter 1459: You’re Fang Mu!

Chapter 1460: A Smile From the Peak!

Chapter 1461: Vast Expanse Shrine!

Chapter 1462: Establishing a Legend!

Chapter 1463: Seal the Heavens Hex!

Chapter 1464: Tolling in Nine Sects!

Chapter 1465: Completely Brazen!

Chapter 1466: Who Else?

Chapter 1467: Seven Sealing Marks Eradicate Tribulation!

Chapter 1468: I’m Here for the Copper Mirror!

Chapter 1469: Conflicts

Chapter 1470: Copper Mirror Shard!

Chapter 1471: Righteous Jin Yunshan!

Chapter 1472: That’s Not How To Use That Mirror Shard!

Chapter 1473: Because It’s Mine!

Chapter 1474: A Long, Long Path….

Chapter 1475: Marriage Alliance!

Chapter 1476: Of Course!

Chapter 1477: Provoking the Ninth Sect

Chapter 1478: The Third Mirror Shard

Chapter 1479: Stepping On All the Sects’ Shrines!

Chapter 1480: Challenging all the Sects!

Chapter 1481: The Peak of the World

Chapter 1482: Looking Back at This Life!

Chapter 1483: On the Transcendence Path!

Chapter 1484: Extinguishing Soul Lamps on the Path!

Chapter 1485: Malicious Intentions!

Chapter 1486: The Clone Passes Away In Meditation

Chapter 1487: Reincarnation!

Chapter 1488: Little Tiger Shi

Chapter 1489: Chen Lei

Chapter 1490: Little Mute

Chapter 1491: Xu Liuyun 1

Chapter 1492: Mutt

Chapter 1493: Wait Until I Grow Up….

Chapter 1494: Little Treasure

Chapter 1495: World of Ice and Fire!

Chapter 1496: Decision by Battle

Chapter 1497: Borrowing Power for the Search!

Chapter 1498: The Return Call!

Chapter 1499: Familiar Fluctuations!

Chapter 1500: Holding the Line!

Chapter 1501: Set Foot In Here, and Die!

Chapter 1502: Who Am I?

Chapter 1503: Transcendent Armor!

Chapter 1504: Song Daozi!

Chapter 1505: You Are The Son of Allheaven

Chapter 1506: Cut Off Outside the Vast Expanse!

Chapter 1507: Can’t Tell Clearly

Chapter 1508: Vast Expanse Society

Chapter 1509: Following the Crowd

Chapter 1510: Strange Occurrences!

Chapter 1511: I’m Meng Hao!!

Chapter 1512: It All Falls Apart!

Chapter 1513: Five Pillars!

Chapter 1514

Chapter 1515: Call Me Lord Fifth, Bitches!

Chapter 1516: The Return!

Chapter 1517: Hunting Down Han Bei!

Chapter 1518: Nearing the Ninth Reincarnation!

Chapter 1519: Han Bei Perishes!

Chapter 1520: Sculpt the Heavens!

Chapter 1521: The Heavens Inflict Punishment!

Chapter 1522: Oh How Cruel

Chapter 1523: My Destiny!

Chapter 1524: Nine Reincarnations Together!

Chapter 1525: Goodbye, Yan’er

Chapter 1526: A Place to Transcend!

Chapter 1527: Vast Expanse Leads the Defense!

Chapter 1528: The Necropolis Again

Chapter 1529: Flying Over the Land Masses!

Chapter 1530: The Ninth Land Mass!

Chapter 1531: Charge!

Chapter 1532: All Ye Living Beings Art My Sons

Chapter 1533: Dissolving the Hex!

Chapter 1534: Fuse With Me!

Chapter 1535: I Am Meng Hao, Here I Transcend!

Chapter 1536: Extinguishing the Bronze Lamp!

Chapter 1537: Daosource Complete!

Chapter 1538: A Universe!

Chapter 1539: The Meat Jelly Shall Be Resurrected

Chapter 1540: The Return of Lord Third!

Chapter 1541: Lost in the Act!

Chapter 1542: Demon Sovereign!

Chapter 1543: Target: 33 Heavens!

Chapter 1544: Excited and Trembling!

Chapter 1545: Dao Fang, Do You Remember Me?!

Chapter 1546: Destroying the Aeon Span!

Chapter 1547: Exterminating Dao Fang!

Chapter 1548: Vicious!

Chapter 1549: The Lands of the Sinners Shall Not Remain!

Chapter 1550: Death Cannot Wipe Out Your Crimes!

Chapter 1551: I’ll Wait For You On the 10th Heaven!

Chapter 1552: The Traitorous Ninth Sea!

Chapter 1553: The Return of the Demon Sovereign!

Chapter 1554: Transcendence Treasure!

Chapter 1555: Summoning the Mountains and Seas!

Chapter 1556: The Most Powerful Mountain and Sea!

Chapter 1557: I Bestow Upon You the Title of Ninth Sea!

Book 10: I Watch Blue Seas Become Lush Fields

Chapter 1558: Peace and Calm

Chapter 1559: Reunions

Chapter 1560: Recalling Past Times

Chapter 1561: Mountain Among Mountains!

Chapter 1562: She Does Not Wish to Awaken

Chapter 1563: The Wind Stirs

Chapter 1564: Immortal God Opening Salvo!

Chapter 1565: Less Real Than it Seems

Chapter 1566: The Resources!

Chapter 1567: Not Willing!

Chapter 1568: Puppets!

Chapter 1569: Rot!

Chapter 1570: Seeing Clearly!

Chapter 1571: The Man in the Palace!

Chapter 1572: The Devil Cometh!

Chapter 1573: Testing

Chapter 1574: Qualified to Explore the Universe!

Chapter 1575: Battling the Devil Continent!

Chapter 1576: All Beings Acknowledge Allegiance!

Chapter 1577: Severing the Root of the Bloodline!

Chapter 1578: Allheaven Transformation!

Chapter 1579: Emperor Dragon Transformation!

Chapter 1580: Third Transformation!

Chapter 1581: You Think You Can Ruin Me?!

Chapter 1582: Heavenly God Transformation!

Chapter 1583: None Can Match My Strength!

Chapter 1584: Six Hexes Combined!

Chapter 1585: Consuming Allheaven!

Chapter 1586: I am the Heavens!

Chapter 1587: Starry Sky of the Mountains and Seas!

Chapter 1588: Resurrecting Old Friends!

Chapter 1589: Time is Limited!

Chapter 1590: The End of a Generation

Chapter 1591: Shui Dongliu’s Jade Slip

Chapter 1592: Same Scenery, Filled with Strangers

Chapter 1593: Loneliness

Chapter 1594: Buried Within Time

Chapter 1595: Someone Transcends!

Chapter 1596: Goldrobes Covets the Mountains and Seas!

Chapter 1597: Long Time No See

Chapter 1598: You’re Still Here?!

Chapter 1599: Eighth Allheaven Transformation!

Chapter 1600: I am the Ghost!

Chapter 1601: You Can Call Me… Su Ming!

Chapter 1602: The God Descends!

Chapter 1603: Peak Battle!

Chapter 1604: Destroying Allheaven’s Finger!

Chapter 1605: Final Allheaven Transformation!

Chapter 1606: Hex Versus Hex!

Chapter 1607: Are You Coming?

Chapter 1608: The End of an Epoch

Chapter 1609: Becoming Allheaven!

Chapter 1610: Whose Clone?

Chapter 1611: Untitled

Chapter 1612: Missing Clues

Chapter 1613: A New Life for Father and Mother

Chapter 1614: A Ship Approaches From the Horizon!

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