Chosen is a title given to the group of most talented youngsters in every generation. It carries with it a lot of weight as the Chosen and as long as they don't die early, are sure to grow into mighty cultivators and form the upper echelon of their respective clans or sects.

While Chosen is used to refer to the talents of each generation there are also levels amongst Chosen. Specific ranks such as Dao-Child or Holy Son/Daughter are sometimes used to refer to the best of the Chosen and the term "Chosen" can also be used as a rank for those talents inferior to the levels of a Dao-Child or Holy Son/ Daughter.

The name Chosen is prestigious in on by itself but bearing the title Chosen in a certain locality is a different matter altogether from being a Chosen of a whole country. For example, a Chosen of the Ninth Mountain and Sea holds a far higher status and his title carries far more weight than a Chosen of Southern Domain.

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