Pierce the Qi vessels throughout the body, chop them like mincemeat. Turn the body into a treasure, split open the chest. Crush the mind, consolidate millions upon millions of murderous intentions. Explode the Dao Pillars within the Core Sea, killing intent can exterminate spirits. Use the mortal soul to fuse with spirits. Use the power of killing to subvert consciousness. The mind and the Core Sea, fused into nothing in the blink of an eye. This Devilish will shall transform into a suicidal heart, which will cause the Cultivation base to climb to the skies! It is not a burning of the soul, it supersedes that! This pill... will be called Bedevilment Pill! That is because, this will, can only belong to devils!
Meng Hao about the Bedevilment Pill

Summary Edit

The Bedevilment Pill is a poison pill made by Meng Hao which he auctioned off during the Violet Fate Sect's Pill Auction. This poison pill causes immense pain, destroys all current cultivation progress, drives the taker into a violent frenzy, and increases their strength significantly for a short time.

The Creation Edit

When Meng Hao finished processing the poison pill, he found two pills inside the pill furnace. After being removed, Pill Tribulation Lightning formed in an attempt to destroy the Bedevilment Pills. Meng Hao acted immediately and brought out Ultimate Vexation to protect the pills as it loves to eat all forms of electricity. Ultimate Vexation almost ended up consuming the pills, but was stopped by Meng Hao reminding him of the three bullies. After inspection, one of the Bedevilment Pills had a violet aura while the other did not and determined the violet hued pill to be the better of the two pills. Meng Hao then marked them with a cauldron symbol and kept the violet hued Bedevilment Pill while putting the other one up for auction.

The Auction Edit

During the auction, there was a lack of interest in the Bedevilment Pill due to the recent sale of Li Tao's 45% medicinal strength Foundation Establishment Day pills that sold for 4,000,000 spirit stones. This changed after a small shaving of the Bedevilment Pill was tested by a Violet Qi of the West cultivator. After seeing the effects of the pill, the attendants of the auction requested to have its quality tested by furnace lords. The Bedevilment Pill was tested and its results showed more than 90% medicinal strength. The auction participants then started bidding in amounts far surpassing Li Tao's Foundation Establishment Day pills. In the middle of the bidding war, Violet Furnace Lord An Zaihai appeared and inspected the Bedevilment Pill. He revealed that it was a 95% consummate pill created during alchemic enlightenment and explained that the pill does not have a formula.