So I like to keep track of chapters that I find awesome so I can re-read them in the future. If you want to add a chapter that is not listed here, feel free to do so.


  • 151 - Meng Hao saves Xu Qing from one of her fellow disciples trying to rape her.
  • ??? - Meng Hao is in the Demon Immortal Sect and uses pressure to combine his nascent souls
  • 633 - Meng Hao is running away from 10th Wang Clan patriarch and is seriously injured and seeks help on a ship when their enemies attack and he says a few words to kill them all
  • ??? - Meng Hao fights the 10th wang clan patriarch and everything that happened after that
  • ??? - Ji nineteen is trying to use karmic anahilation on Meng Hao and Shu Dongliu helps
  • ??? - Meng hao is running away from the violet sea to the black lands.
  • 763 - Meng Hao asks Xu Qing to marry him
  • 737 - Meng Hao fights against thousands of cultivators by himself during the war against the Blood Demon Sect
  • 769 - Meng Hao starts absording the curse from the Norther Reaches
    • 771 - The left over curse power causes Xu Qing to die faster
  • 780 - An underworld Judge tries to mess with Xu Qing in the River of Forgetfulness but gets killed by Meng Hao's father
  • 793 - Meng Hao severs the Devil and seeks the Dao
  • 798 - Meng Hao's father shows off
    • 799 - Meng Hao gets the memories of his past back
  • Chapter 831 - Meng Hao releases all of the Chosen that he captured fighting for the Ancient Doaist Rite Token
    • 832 - People find out who Meng Hao really is
  • 842 - Meng Hao takes the test by the Biggest sects of the Nine Mountains and becomes famous as Fang Mu
    • 855 - Meng Hao creates A Bit of Karma and uses it to bind a prosmissory note to Fan Dong'er
    • 858 - Meng Hao goes into the Warriors Pavillion and uses the Karmic Hexing to bind treasures to himself
    • 859 - Meng Hao test of the Heart (badass scene)
    • 863 - A guy tries to make Meng Hao look bad by sayin he will buy pills from him
    • 866 - Meng Hao fights all of the Chosen
    • ??? - Meng Hao fights someone with another high level demonic magic that only his blood demon magic can beat
  • ??? - Meng Hao Detonates his second True Self
    • ??? - Meng Hao gets attacked on his way to the Feng Clan and ends up getting blown into peices but his eternal stratum heals him
  • ??? - Meng Hao shows off his skill with plants and vegitation
    • 919 - Meng Hao beats Fang Hong
    • 922 - Meng Hao creates one of the three hardest pills to concoct
  • ??? - Meng Hao and Feng Wei fight for the first time (fist and prestige)
    • ??? - Meng Hao starts talking to all the Chosen who came for the Easter Sun Ascension
    • ??? - Meng Hao creates something from nothin again
    • ??? - Meng Hao gets a True Immortal Fleshly Body
    • ??? - Meng Hao creates his third divine ability
  • ??? - Meng Hao undergoes his Immortal Tribulation
  • 1014 - Meng Hao concocts the second hardest pill to concot in the Fang Clan
  • 1196 - Meng Hao awakens Fang Weis Allheaven Immortal seed within him; Meng Hao takes away the terracata soilder
  • 1391 - Meng Hao becomes the Demon

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